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(I meant to post about this a few days ago, but I got hit with what feels like the head-cold of the century this weekend...) As it will have been three months come October 1st since my last invitation, I'm putting out the call once more to any and all parties interested in investing in some ad space over in my Sponsors column.

If you'd like to know more about my rates, my stats, or are interested in partnering with me through a different channel (a giveaway or a discount code, for example), just send me an email at:


I'd like to get things squared away by this weekend if possible, so the sooner the better. Thanks all :n )



the sun machine is coming down

this is it

building a fire


so many shells

Biggest boat I've ever seen, probably.


long story

my favorite field

early morning cabin light

Dag's coats

new geraniums

where Dag lives

Here it is, the last round of photos from my sweet, sweet summer vacation. Well, I do still have three rolls of Super8 film waiting to be developed and processed...but given the current state of my finances, it could be an awful long time until that stuff sees the light of day (especially since once you go hi-def, you really can't go back!)

These are mostly from our boating and camping trip to a smaller outlying island called Patos, as well as some shots of Dag's beautiful home. The last roll, the one that never caught, was filled with more shots of her cabin and her magical witchy cat Zowie. Too bad, so sad.

The first set of photos can be found here, as well as a few more on my flickr :n )


minkette & me, v.3

Picture 78

My third guest post went up over on Minkette today. This time, I decided to put together a few Autumnal inspiration outfits--each of which includes a gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff bag.

I really am glad that things are cooling down a bit (well actually, it's supposed to be in the 80's for the next few days...but we're reaching the end, I can feel it!) It's nice to be able to wear pants and long sleeves and not wanna punch something. Bye-bye heat rage!


finger food



Ok, I admit, this is totally dumb BUT--one of my favorite things about the changing of the seasons is an excuse to buy new nail polish. Hey I mean, there's certainly bigger seasonal splurges I could (and, possibly, should) be making...

My collection is in a pretty sorry state at the moment, and I just know that all those robin's eggs and corals and delicate peaches of summer wont seem right under a cloudy October sky. As much as I'd love to outfit myself in some Khakis, odds are that ain't happening! So I'm looking instead to the Essie Fall collection. My favorite, hands down (ha!) is Little Brown dress, above. So rich! So moist! So choclatey. Eheheh. Mmmmm, lacquer.....

P.S. I made those brownies for my bf's birthday this year and they are the BEST. Ever. Put them in the fridge over night and they taste like fudge the next morning. (Just don't over beat, don't overbake, and good gawd DON'T bother with that stupid frosting...)

(first photo via Polish or Perish)


Slave to Love


Picture 71


gentlewoman 2 teaser


Magazines! Two that I am looking forward to with bated breath, and one I've already had my way with at B&N (and wish wish wish I could have afforded to take home!)

I don't usually end up buying Fantastic Man, as much as would like to, but this time it's different. It's personal. It's BRYAN. Plus, I promised a land-locked pal that I'd send him a copy, and I definitely intend to have my way with it first.

The last issue of the Gentlewoman was quite special and exciting, especially for a debut effort, and the second one looks no less promising. Beyond all that, it's just such a pretty object to have around. To me the design, typography, and layout could not be more satisfying.

And have you had a peak at the current issue of LOVE?? I grabbed a copy while waiting out that freak tornado the other day at Barnes and Noble, and emerged a solid two hours later blinking at the night sky. Amazing interview after amazing interview, so many fascinating women. My favorite was with Lauren Hutton, and I absolutely am dying to read the autobiography she speaks about working on. What a life! What a lady.


just right!

Director: Keith Hopkin
Art Direction: Mike DeSutter
Wardrobe+Styling: Siri Thorson

Full credits here!

Remember back in July when I posted photos from June of a video shoot I styled for Xylos? Well, I'm super duper excited to finally share with you the end product! I'm very happy with how it all turned out--especially the bedroom shots, I lucked out so hard that the vintage nighty I had bought matched the (sight-unseen) decor to a tee! Thanks so much to Keith, Mike, the band, and everyone else involved in the whole process <3


a pink canary

lil' fuuur

free loader

drink up


Calico Cupboard


all Dag wants:




Round one of photos from my trip home in July and August, taken with a Canon AE-1 Program on Western Family brand film (heh!) There's a few more on my flickr as well :n )

I had forgotten, as I always do, how much the start of autumn in New York feels like summertime in the islands--simultaneously making me happy and (even more) homesick.


me + minkette volume II


This week, my guest post over on Minkette is all about my favorite fall-time inspiration film...which, by the by, happens to be on Netflix watch it now (although, if you ever have the opportunity to view this film on the big screen, in some "midnight movie" sorta scenario or whatnot, ohdeargod PLEASE DO SO.) Anyways, I rounded up some damn fine stills, if I do say so myself. Click through to check it out!


love, honor and cherish






Hands down, my favorite collection shown at NY Fashion Week so far is Honor. Spring 2011 happens to be the debut of this line, designed by Giovanna Randall, and I'm absolutely mad for the colors, the cuts, the prints, the soft make-up (by NARS, another fave), the hair...everything! I'm really excited to see what the future holds for this line, and I hope I get to see some of this stuff in person one of these days! Check out Dossier for a sweet write-up of the presentation, as well as a few more photos.

(Photos via Paper Magazine, Dossier, and Talking Makeup)

only the lonely


by Dag

I missed my best friend something fierce this weekend.


short and sweet

Vintage/secondhand everything, except the bag from L.L.Bean Signature

It may be the middle of September, but dang if it isn't still plenty hot enough to rock the cutoffs (the sweater even proved stifling after a couple blocks.) Spent the morning in bed and the afternoon wandering around the city, eventually stopping in to Kinokuniya to pour over back issues and books on interior design for tiny spaces. Speaking of which--Anja is trying to get together a clever "subscription service" for the amazing Fudge Magazine over on her blog, worth checking out if you live someplace where it can be hard to find (so...just about anywhere outside of Japan itself!)


My reward for not succumbing to FNO hysteria Friday night and spending $23 on a bottle of nail polish? A single, perfect stem of Tuberose from my favorite strange old flower man at the Farmer's Market. He told me a story about some rich idiot who bought 40 stems ("bah, the price doesn't matter!") for his hotel room, and woke up in the middle of the night choking on the overwhelming perfume. Aaaaah, rich people problems!


eff en oh






Even though it's now officially Fashion Week in NYC, I'm still crushing on these looks from the Rodebjer S/S 2011 collection shown in Stockholm. I love the mix of dusty orange, beige and navy, and those hats are just so perfect! They remind me of Saturn's rings.

P.S. Anyone else headed out into the utter madness of New York's FNO tomorrow?? My better instincts tell me to stay the hell inside and bury my head under a pillow...but Alexa Chung at Madewell and Opening Ceremony at Ace Hotel are wooing me with their siren songs (and promises of free cookies.)

P.P.S. For any out-of-towners visiting for the week, or really anyone who's ever asked me for recommendations as to what to do/eat in Brooklyn, to whom I have responded with enthusiastic reassurances of putting together some sort of guide, and then completely failed to follow through, like a proper ass: I did a little Q&A with Brooklyn 365 about some of my favorite local haunts :n )

(all images found via Six Six Sick)


me + minkette




Following in the (unfailingly well-clad) footsteps of Rhiannon, I'm guest blogging over on Minkette during the month of September! My first post is mostly about cookies...but also kitties and puppies! Wheee! Click through for your daily dose of twee ;n )