This dress and coat are a couple of my scores from my most recent Beacon's Closet venture. I am seriously in love with the dress, it's another one of those rare finds that doesn't need to be hemmed or taken in. And it has amazing buttons and a big floppy collar!

Several people remarked in my last post about their experiences with Beacon's and other similar places, and as a matter of fact I feel like this is one of the few places in life (sigh) where I actually have a valid basis to comment:

I worked for almost a year at a buy/sell/trade place in San Francisco (called Crossroads Trading Co.), and I'll tell you this: it's a tricky business. Being a buyer can be really exhilarating at times, it's sort of like having a thrift store brought to you special delivery. But it can also be really, really terrible and exhausting. Crazy people badger you to take their awful, dirty things, then get deeply offended when you have to turn them down. People demand their items back if you price them below what they think is "fair", or insist on speaking to your manager. And customers NEVER seem to understand how much clothing depreciates. Maybe you paid $200 for that jacket, but you're only going to get $15 in cash for it and that's just how it works. There's simply a limit as to how high these places can price things, and it sucks feeling like you're getting short-changed, I know, I get frustrated all the time, but just try and remember--it's better than nothing! And if you ever have something that's really nice and you really care about, my advice is skip buy/sell/trade and hawk it online.

Anyways, I've been on both sides of these places, and I feel like I've gained some seriously valuable perspective. I used to get so peeved when buyers would pass on things that I would have bought had I been working there, or priced them much lower than I would have (ok, I still do). But really, my advice is: let it go. Buyers have it hard enough as it is, believe me. Ok, phew, rant over--and out!


hats on

Today, as part of my pre-moving effort to get rid of as much crap as possible, which fortuitously happens to coincide with my effort to obtain new fall clothes with as little actual financial contribution as possible, I sold two bag-fulls of stuff to Beacon's Closet and made off with TWO new, beautiful medium weight coats, a dress and a pair of pants (!), with a cool $50 in credit leftover. Rule! I can't wait to show y'all my loot!

P.S. Ladies and gents of Southern California, be sure to check out The Vintage Society's trunk show this Saturday the 27th! I dearly wish I could make it myself...


Holy hell (in heels)

Somebody, anybody, have mercy! PLEASE buy these so I can't!!!


DUMBO part deux

Dudes, I just realized that I don't think I ever showed you any of the results of the photo shoot I mentioned in this post. Well, here's a couple of my favorite prints that turned out:

The photographer, a real pal, has a few more photos here, and will have even more soon!



You know, it's not fall I have a problem with at all. I forgot, fall is great, if only because I can wear cardigans again (reason enough for great rejoicing in my book). I guess I just resent fall for being such a pussy and letting winter roar in and kick its ass. Pathetic.

Anways, here are some things I'm looking forward to wearing this fall:

My bathrobe coat. Alas, the fur collar is turning to dust. I'll need to find a replacement ASAP. Also, beautiful emerald green leather gloves. Leather gloves are creepy, but emerald green gloves are magic, so I feel like at very least they cancel each other out.

Crazy gypsy dress. I'm going to have to be careful, as this could have me looking like a Renaissance Faire Reject before you can say "...tramps and thieves."

Another new piece from Quiksilver, and an amazing cardigan (woooh!), even warmer and more comforting than a golden shower. Ah, plaid jokes, pee, jokes--I'm really on a roll these days!


(don't) stop the plaidness!

The other day, I received a mysterious package in the mail. I couldn't for the life of me think of what it was, since I hadn't ordered anything online or otherwise besides school books for weeks. But, I'm not one to look a gift package in the mouth, so I opened it up--and what do you know, it was like Christmas in September! I had completely forgotten that, as a thank you for participating in Beth's Traveling Shirt project, Quiksilver had graciously offered to let me pick out a few pieces from their sweet new women's line to have for my very own.

The first thing I pulled out of the box was this ruffly blouse, which I hands down adore. I've pretty much been wearing it every other day for the last week or so, with this amazing button that the one and only Po-Po-Mo Ho gave me:

Plaid/Ruffles/Kitties=Ultimate Trifecta of Wonder.

P.S. I'm sorry I've been such a stinker about responding to all your comments! Link exchange requests shall be honored and I will try to be significantly more on top of things, promise!



Today it was cool enough to wear flannel, but warm enough to wear shorts. I'd say that's pretty frickin' ideal!



This is one of my favorite things about the funky old house I live in: a fully working Cafe sign mounted on our dining room wall. A relic of the mischiefs of yesteryear. I wish I could take it with me when I move!

I'm headed upstate for the weekend, I'll see y'all on Monday.



Yes, please

Accessories I would like for ye olde autumn time:

1) A sweet pair of lace up boots. Sweeter than the ones pictured (i.e. SUPRA sweet). I used to have a pair of AMAZING, lace-up knee high wood soled boots that my mom bought in the 70's. I think maybe I gave them away. Yes, it makes me physically ill just typing that sentence.
2) Words cannot accurately describe how badly I want this backpack. Too bad it's, like, $200. Really really really too bad.
3) A bicycle, like the one I had to leave in Oakland. Enough said.
4) Oh, Minnetonka. Will this be the season I finally heed your siren call? Dear suede, why must you be so pretty and soft and warm, and yet so completely impractical for the wet winter time? I ASK YOU.



I seem to have disappeared again. Anyways, this is what I wore to school today.

Aw guuuys, I'm so so sick of all of my clothing! It's gotten to one of those points where I just never look the way I want to anymore, you know what I mean? It's a bummer, all right. Getting dressed every day feels like a struggle in the midst of a battle I am rapidly losing.

Also, I am afraid I am NOT one of those people who is excited for cold weather. I would like for it to become cool enough for me to wear clothing of some sort without wanting to have myself frozen Han Solo style, yes, but if I never put on another pair of tights in my LIFE, it would be too soon.