Ora-nge you glad?

Finally, someone who realizes that there are way too many pairs of hideous leather pants out there, and not nearly enough awesome leather backpacks.

(Photos from oraearth.com)


Fair but not Square

So I go away for a couple weeks to some distant island paradise, and what sort of a stunt do my housemates pull in retribution??








They go and throw a killer rooftop BBQ!! But I'm not bitter...(Royal Canadian Air Farce jokes, anyone? Eh??)

(All photos stolen from Cass)


Grey skies, smilin' on me

cool things from the sea

The first few days we were here, it was mostly cloudy and a bit cold, but we didn't let that stop us from having a picnic. Also, we found some cool things in the sea.


so very much

Bah, I wish I could be arsed to post more these days. Just too much else to be done, what with animals to snuggle and "East of Eden" to get me all misty-eyed over a certain stretch of the California Coast. So instead I shall send you here:

Picture 26

to what is currently my most favorite blog. Enjoy!


Poor little greenie


Greetings from the verdant forests of the Evergreen State! This is pretty much the scene I wake up to each morning, golden sunshine filtering through the maple trees, just us 'n the birds..and the cats...and the rabbit.

I found this big old Army jacket at a thrift store the other day, and with a few adjustments I'm hoping to turn it into something more closely resembling my dream duffel coat. Until then I've been bumming around in it anyways. Now all I need is a pair of killer workboots to top it all off!


Hi guys!



Just stopping by to drop off a little Chloë and assure you I'm still alive. I'm actually writing this from the front seat of my car, I was in town this morning anyways and thought I'd check if there were any free wireless signals roaming around. Now I'm off to stock up on jelly beans and swing by the thrift store before I drive back off into the wilderness...I promise some real pictures soon!

(Photos found here)


Behind the Teens

teen voguettes

During my singular, relatively brief internship, I once spent the better part of a day inside the Teen Vogue offices, shuffling around racks of clothing and generally feeling like I was in waaay over my head. I actually found the place sort of depressing, and the fashion closet a jam-packed nightmare (way too much like my own closet), but ooooh the Condé Nast cafeteria? It was love at first sight.

Sadly, this was also during fashion week so pretty much everyone was out watching the shows, meaning I didn't get to catch a glimpse of any of these lovely ladies. What an amazing bunch, yeah?

(Photo from JakandJil, found here)

Houman Being

Houman reminds me of something from an Alejandro Jodorowsky film. His style couldn't be further from mine (well, besides all those amazing shoes!!), but I really admire his aesthetic sensibilities. Clearly, this man is fearless.

(Video courtesy of Stylelikeu, found here)


L8r Sk8r


It took me a good hour of pawing through the racks at the funky little thrift store next to my school, but I finally found the most perfect pair of vintage Wranglers to make into cutoffs.


Criteria: broken-in softness, true blue color, and a waist up to there. Check, check, and checkmate.

I fully expect them to become glued to my body the second I step foot onto the Best Coast. Oh, and this top is from the afore mentioned Ramona West, and it comes in at a close second to that perfect floral blouse I got all misty-eyed over...

I'm taking my computer with me and I'll have plenty of web access (my parents chose to install internet before an indoor toilet, a decision I both respect and support), so I'll be around. I've already set up a few timed posts to go off while I'm in the air/on the bus/in the boat.

And if all that doesn't satiate your me cravings, I've been featured over on the wonderful CaliVintage's blog. Check it!

Ok bye friends!

Away I go


I'm currently in the midst of finishing up packing (I'm bringing waaay too much stuff, what else is new), and I thought I'd take the time to stop and consider a few of the small things that I find pretty essential to traveling. I'll stash the above things in my carry-on:

• Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Sunscreen (the only sunscreen I can stand on my face, and yep I checked, it's exactly 3oz., back off TSA...)

• A beat-up paperback, preferably recommended by a friend
• Plain Moleskine pocket journals
• Facial wipes (I like the above brand because they are both alcohol and oil free, meaning they wont dry out your skin or leave a nasty residue.)
Little wee iPod
• Nivea Creme (I think most of the reason I love this lotion so much is specifically because it comes in a little blue tin.)
• Strawberry Orbit (later airplane breath!)

So tell me, what are some of your travel necessities?

Tropical Ruminations


Coming across this amazing photo today further increased my lust for those Chloé sandals (they come in a low version as well??? Guuuuuuh WANT SO BAD) It also instantly reminded me of this shirt/dress from Ramona West Vintage:

How about this deal: if I buy the dress, someone wanna get me the shoes?? Rooooooooight.

(Photos from StreetPeeper and Ramona West)


Mystic Lady

Definitely looking forward to some sun-drenched, Anita Pallenberg inspired days in the coming weeks (though rumor has it it's been a bit gloomy back home recently, no surprise there.) Oh, and every year I tell myself I'm going to splurge and buy some NARS bodyglow, but I never do...it smells so good, but it's so dern pricey!

(Photo from RUSSH #18, scanned by me)


Sale-on Sailor


Bona Drag is having a totally sweet sale right now! If I wasn't saving my increasingly modest stash of pennies for thrifting back home, I'd be even MORE tempted by this (in poppy brick, please!)

A feeling I get

I'm flying home to the West Coast on Saturday morning to spend some time in the Islands. I can't wait to see my best friend!! The above photo is an artistic representation of what I hope those glorious three and a half weeks will hold for us...

(Photo from RUSSH May/June 2009, found


To do:


I am absolutely determined to find myself a pair of these badboys for Fall (/now! I'm way in to shorts with ankle boots, sweaty feet be damned.)

(Photo from StockholmStreet)

cutest girl!


Oh Bill, you never fail to both impress and delight.

(Photos from BackyardBill)


The Greeeat Circle of Shoes

Another round of trading at Buffalo Exchange lead to my acquiring these beautiful platform babies, possibly my most favorite shoes I own. And they're light as a feather!


Still, I haven't a clue when I'll actually wear them outside of the house...sometimes
there's just too many adventures to be had to be tied up in a pair of fancy shoes!


Oh yum



(Photos by Todd Selby from the Selby)



Stills from a short film made by Stéphanie Di Giusto for Vanessa Bruno, starring Lou Doillon. Apparently it wont be released until September (on the internet anyways), but these snaps have gotten me pretty excited. This little gem, plus Neil Krug's Pulp Book, should make for an amazing Fall indeed...

(Photos found here)


Nature Sandwich

Next time I see someone littering in this city, I will close my eyes, breath deeply, count to ten, and imagine punching them square in the face with one of these.

Oh, and also they are just pretty.

:n )