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It was 10°F when I landed in New York. That was almost two weeks ago; it was cold then and it is cold now and I have had just about enough, thank you but no thank you. More than the temperature though, what I am missing most right now is color. All these soft, watery winter sunsets have lost their charm. Entire meals have become based around ghostly white vegetables produced from the bowels of my refrigerator: turnips, kholrabi, daikon, shriveled parsnips and pithy knobs of celeriac.

Give me a fresh Rainier cherry and a bundle of glossy, fragrant tarragon and summer squash filled up with sweet yellow sunshine. Give me a fat chicken and a red pot and a bottle of cold white wine. 

P.S. I've done an interview with Zoé, and it's on her wonderful blog Wild at Heart.

(All photos taken on a Canon AE-1 Program using Kodak Porta 400 speed film, June 2012, upstate New York)




We made it!

I'm off home to Washington for the next two weeks to recuperate from a December that knocked me senseless. Going to see my mountains and my ocean and all the best beasts of fur and feather. I'm bringing along some black and white film for a change - it's been a long while since I had Tri-X in the chamber, and I'm excited.

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