German (Pre)occupation

My living room is under siege by an army of extremely pleasant Berliners, friends-of-a-friend come to tear it up in NYC for a few weeks. This is a-ok by me, since I have an unabashed lady boner for everything German. For once I don't even mind that the wall between mine and the room next door is paper thin, since even "Ugh, I'm so hung over" and "it's bloody 6am in the morning!" sound like music to my ears in Deutsch!



I like to torture myself by making afternoon outings to discount stores and trying on beautiful clothing that, despite being heftily reduced, I still cannot afford! Somehow, I always seem to think that this will cheer me up...

Ha! Think again! This little number was by some brand called Chelsea Flower, and was in fact a bit too tent-like. But I loved the color.

I can, however, afford many things in the legwear section, so I came home with a bounty of socks and tights. I also broke down and bought a tiny wee bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume from eBay last week, and a kind friend sent me an amazing Valentine (it's NEVER too late!) so all in all, I suppose I can't complain (but I will, oh WILL I!)


So far, s'all right

Honestly, I've been a bit non-plussed by A/W 2008 so far (I'm more of a spring gal anyways I think), but I am looking forward to what Paris has to offer! In the meantime, here are a few things that are both tootin' my horn and floatin' my boat from the New York, London and Milan shows:

(From the top: Rachel Comey; DKNY; Karen Walker; Backstage-Roberto Cavalli; Backstage-Peter Som; Backsatge-Marc by Marc; Backstage-Benjamin Cho; Sarah Sophie Flicker; Vivienne Westwood Red Label; Backstage-Benjamin Cho; Backstage-Marni; Backstage-Gucci; Luella; Luella; Peter Jensen; Peter Jensen; Backstage-Moschino; Backstage-Moschino; Backstage-Gucci)


Double siiigh

Those beautiful, beautiful boots I wanted so badly did not fit. So I've listed them on my ebay.

I might be a little biased, but seriously, I am so in love with these frickin' shoes. The leather is soft and shiny and even the inside labels are perfect and golden and classy lookin'. I'm so bitter that they're too big for me. I should have known better than to go for an 8, but I've learned my lesson (yeah, right).

On another note, as my new banner clearly announces, it is now SPRING TIME. YOU HEAR THAT WEATHER? So shape up or ship out...


Velvet Goldmine

This is one of those dresses that toes the line between really cute and tacky-90's-hippie revival/something you're 4th grade art teacher might wear on parent-teacher conference day. I think I originally bought it for a costume party, but I ended up taking it in a bit and out into the real world. If nothing else, I'll always keep it for the fabric which I think is just so pretty and, well, velvet-y. It's my dream to someday sew a patchwork velvet quilt, as illustrated by the glorious RUSSH magazine:

(it's also my dream to snuggle down under said quilt in my gypsy caravan in the English countryside, but that's another story all together...)


Old dog, new tricks

Solution #1 to wardrobe blues: don old things in new ways.

I took this sundress I wore with little more than a tan back in Santa Cruz, and put a sweater on top. Feeling a bit better.



Ever reach a point where you're so sick and tired of all the clothes you own, you just want to throw them all on the fire and start from scratch?

That's pretty much where I'm at.


I am a Fever

Monday night I went out! This was kind of a big deal for me, because, outside of school/work/bare necessities, I really don't leave my house all that often (except to go shoe shopping, but that clearly falls under the bare necessities category). However, lured by the promise of an open bar and an art installation provided by none other than K-Y Jelly (?! maybe it's just the 4th grade boy in me), I proceed forth into the night.

Of course, the new shoes were there for support, as well as my last-minute-improvised sparkly headband. Later on, this would inspire one especially animated young dude to holler "Arden Wohl!" and gesture wildly at my head. Hey man, she didn't invent the damn things! Anyways, Nylon was kind enough to snap a photo for me:

We got elbowed out of our sweet balcony spot by Dani Stahl, the Kills played a killer (ha!) set, we scooped up as much free lube as the eye could see, and headed for the hills.


like a broken record...

Hey! I bought some shoes! Sound familiar?

But Siri, you say, you just bought some shoes! What on earth can you be thinking?

Oh dear friend, I reply, you must understand. These are different. THOSE were boots. THESE are heels! With t-straps! And they are suede! And vintage!

My long lusted-for Frye's, they are not. But they'll do in a pinch. And for a party!


A package? For me?

Despite general appearances, I do, in fact, have a rather sticky practical streak in me. This is due in no small part to my mother who, while an artist by trade, is a firm pragmatist at heart.

That being said, I just bought some more shoes.

These babies are laying in wait for me at the Post Office. If only I didn't have to be in Manhattan at ten o'clock tomorrow morning! Then, they'd be on my feet.

I was on the fence for days about these, so I missed them the first time around. Half of me is horrified by their potential Pilgrim/Pirate fugly-ness, and all the scary sophomore year theme party ephemera that might somehow follow in their wake. The other half, however, thinks they're just plain badass. The badassery half of me won tonight, when I found them relisted.

When asked for his thoughts on the Great Buckle Boot Conundrum, my friend replied simply with this:

I may be setting myself up for a difficult lifestyle, but it's a small price to pay for all the free Lucky Charms I'll be eating.


Hot to trot!

Since a steady job seems to be well out of my reach at the moment, I'm trying to make ends meet playing catch-as-catch-can, which is why I've just listed these pretty vintage red leather boots on my ebay. It's hard to see here but they have really sweet silver studding details and they are in excellent condition. Ladies of the 7.5, take heed!


must be the coats

This coat is one of my favorite purchases I made during my vacation. I bought it at the Goodwill on Haight Street for $13.99, which is more than I usually like to pay for anything (unless it involves the words "surgery" and "emergency"), but it's not bad for such a lovely camel colored coat, with perfect rows of golden buttons, in almost mint condition. Especially on Haight Street!


Can't get enough of that wonderful BUST!

Just in case you fiends haven't gotten your fill of me (though I guess I can assume that if you've had your fill, you're probably not reading this!) here's a link to the BUST blog entry featuring a couple more photos by the lovely Mackenzie Stroh from the shoot for my Looks page.


Current Obsession:

Oh me! Oh my! The 11th Hours/Lately shoes by Fluevog.

Honestly, I've usually found myself rather put off, and occasionally repulsed, by Fluevog shoes and their awkward, clunky soles (I get chills just thinking about them, sad as that may be...) but these little beauties are in a class all their own. Nay, they are in a stratosphere all their own.

I think I could probably just sit on the edge of my bed, admiring them on my feet for hours upon hours. Come to think of it, maybe it's best I never own them (although there's no real risk anyways, considering the price tag). I would never get anything done, and I would probably develop some sort of incurably degenerative condition caused by constantly staring at my shoes.

That being said, did I mention that they come in black too?

Oh stop it, just stop! Impressionable young girls with $80.00 to their name should simply not be allowed to see such things...