Here is a sub-par (sorry! Best I can do till I'm back in NYC with all the proper gadgets, bells and whistles) scan of my article on page 36 of the new Aug/Sept issue of BUST magazine, which is, dare I say, possibly one of my favorite issues to date. I submit for your consideration: a feature article on Little Edie Beale, complete with a sumptuous collection of family photos; a "Twin Peaks" (!!!) themed fashion spread; and a Wardrobe_Remix inspired pictorial featuring a couple of my favorite bloggers, Sally Jane and The Snail and the Cyclops. Hooray BUST!


next stop: yumsville

It seems like there's been a lot of talk about bows as accessories lately: Liebe Marlene wears them in her hair, while Bird Baths prefers them around her neck, among other places. So, in an effort to soften up my intimidating new boots, I decided to try a floral dress and big poofy bow of my own. I still felt a bit like I should be pacing around a war room, or at least bouncing an enormous inflatable globe off my rump, but I'm working on being comfortable with that.

Also, a couple of you expressed some interest in my afore mentioned peanut butter cups. So here's my completely unscientific, rambling, potentially useless recipe! Enjoi!


what I'm after...

Analog pride!/Lavendar oh my!/perfectly Knot-ical (har har)/ok so I pretty much want everything that Roost has ever created, ever.

clockwise from top left: tapes tee from dELiAs; lavendar sandals by Rachel Comey; braids tee by Karen Walker; branch cup and saucer by Roost


sweepin' those clouds away

Today it's too cold to go to the beach, so I'm doing laundry, listening to ELO, making home made peanut butter cups and looking through Cassie's photos of sunny days gone by...

Come back soon, Mr. Blue Sky!


elizabethan casual

My friend Dag and I dubbed this outfit "Elizabethan Casual", what with all the ruffles and royal reddish purples. Henry the Eigth I am none, but still, I felt sufficiently regal.


let's thrift again (like we did last summer)

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this photo on The Facehunter:

I love absolutely everything about this outfit, but I fell especially hard for the shoes. I've been looking for a little old lady pair of t-strap sandal-y shoes for eons, so it was with a semi-silent whoop! of joy that I grabbed these off the Thrift Store shelf the other day:

Ok, so I'm pretty sure hers are still a tad cooler, but these babies make me feel like I'm walking on air so I'll let it slide. Hello arch support! From the same store, I've also picked up a pair of granny oxfords:

And some intimidating leather boots:

Finally, to round things out, a few pieces of flair that would make any grandmother proud:

The only thing missing from this picture is a tall, cool glass of Metamucil...and my retirement fund.


barefoot girl

On the little island where I grew up, there is the prettiest old graveyard. This time of the year it is over grown with daisies and dandelions, and the gravestones have to struggle to peak out over the long grasses. It's always been one of my favorite places to stop and rest and watch for swallowtail butterflies.

Later that day, I helped my uncle harvest flowers to sell in town. He gave me these beautiful roses (and cash money, natch!), and I walked home barefoot admiring them in the sun.


Sounds of Silence

Every time I come back home, I end up digging through boxes and boxes of old clothes, things that at some point I decided I didn't want around, but couldn't bare to fully part with--so I shipped them north for my endlessly patient parents to deal with (to be fair, however, being a pack-rat runs in the family). This is a good thing, because odds are that my tastes have changed since I last was up in my little attic room, and it seems like I always come away with some rediscovered treasures. So far, I've found this pretty creamy I. Magnin blouse and a pair of yellow Gloria Vanderbilt flats (just like my trusty green ones!) And of course my record collection, that thankfully will be coming back East with me this time. A thousand hoorays!


highly a-musing!

Hey wait a minute, who's that scrappy lookin' girl in the bottom row, feeling a trifle bit uncomfortable being hemmed in from every side by all the cool girls (shades of 10th grade Tolo all over again!) Oh golly, it's me! That's right, I'm a Myspace Muse over at WhoWhatWearDaily, which is totally awesome, if a bit archaic (Myspace? Reeeeaaalllyyy? I kid, I kid...) I am looking fully forward to being torn apart in various unexpected ways...hey, at least I'm doing better than Valerie so far, whose hat has already received several death threats...

All joking aside, thanks WhoWhatWear, it is, indeed, an honor of Homeric proportions. Now someone, go invoke me!


it's summertime

So who needs pants?

"Not I" said the Little Red Hen!


afternoon delight

went swimming/sat in the sunshine/hiked up Spider Mountain/drank Rosé as the sun went down


home again, home again

In a few hours, I will be on my way back home. HOME home. Yesterday was my last day of summer school, and now I'm taking a month to work and see my dear friends up in the islands of Northwest Washington State. I will definitely still be updating, as both my computer and camera are coming along, and hopefully I will be making some amazing thrifting scores, and playing a whole heck of a lot of dress-up and what not. Hooray! Cats and trees and sea and carrot patches, here I come...


i'd rather be sunning

I wasn't exactly looking to do any shopping while I was in Montauk (although I was rather surprised to see that they had a Screaming Mimi's in town, and unsurprised to note that I still could not afford to buy so much as a hanky there). Nevertheless, I ended up coming across this bag at the local annual book sale in the White Elephant section:

I thought it was a pretty appropriate purchase (and all of $1!) considering the weekend's activities. It also says "© Bag Bazaar 1978" on the front. This kind of bag IS my bag (baby).


and what a time it was

In a rare moment of solidarity with the analog side of things (I talk a lot more talk than I actually walk the walk) I decided to take only my trusty old Canon AE1 along with me this weekend, meaning that I wont have my own photos until I finish out the current roll, and get around to having them developed. However, in true Ringo fashion, I have raided the flickr accounts of dear friends in order to bring to you all what can, sadly, be only the tiniest taste of the magic that is Montauk.

Photos courtesy of the illustrious Cassie, and the extremely generous Ben Duchac!


meet me in you-know-where

My bags are packed...

I'm ready to go! Have a supremely glorious 4th everyone, be back in a few.