The sun seems to be on temporary hiatus around here, though it did come out for a bit this afternoon. But still, I've got sunshine on the brain. Simple tees and sandals, please! Now all I need are some killer shorts to go in between...

Clockwise from top left: Sophomore tee from Bona Drag; St. Tropez tee from Urban; the Original Saltwater Sandals; Ailani sandals by Gabriella Rocha.



I am in love with this little photo I found at a flea market here in the City. What a cool little girl. I want to dress like her every day. And spend more time sitting on canons.


Top Model reject

Friday afternoon, my housemate and I took Brooklyn's DUMBO district by storm, tromping around in short shorts, scaring small dogs and changing in bushes. We were working on her final project for a photo class she's taking at FIT, and since the finished product will be in black & white, we decided to take some color Polaroids for good measure. Anyways, now that most residents of DUMBO have seen my ass (naked, nearly naked, or otherwise), I guess it's time to move on. Look for my butt coming to a borough near you!


Elettra elettra...

Elettra's been kicking about in the back of my mind for some time, but an awesome article in the May issue of British Vogue brought her front and center (really, a great issue all around--I might even buy it! Gasp!). She is so gorgeous and looks so much like her grandmother (Ingrid Bergman say what?) it's crazy!

Photos from the Fashion Spot

Thoroughly in-vested

Ha! Vest pun! Anyways, um, so even though I appear completely un-enthused by the idea of spending another wonderfully warm spring day pottering about the city (Spring Break! Woo!), I am in fact relishing these days of relatively dry warmth as much as I can, because I know the humidity is not far away. I only caught the tail end of summer in the City last year, and it was one of the the most soul-sucking experiences of my life. I never had to deal with humidity growing up (only constant dampness, but that's in wintertime, and that's different...), and by gum, I don't know how you people handle it!


90's-prom-themed dance party, here I come!



I know, I can hardly believe it myself! Pants, what a concept. These are, in fact, my last surviving pair. But today I had to make trip to the Home Depot, and a solo one at that, an occasion that calls for a good pair of trousers if ever there was one. I still got yelled at by a large balding man, but I expected nothing less...



Photos by Marcio Simnch



I think maybe it is finally Spring? The dog agrees.

proof of life

I hardly believe it myself sometimes, but yes, I am still alive, still wearing perversely short dresses to inappropriate destinations (think: Coney Island), and a lot of vests. A LOT of vests.


Me oh my oh

I absolutely promise that one of these days soon I will get back to posting real live pictures of me doing my thing, but until then I think I'll just keep posting a smattering of pretty pictures I have collected, if that's all right with you. These are from dear old RUSSH.

The semester is counting down, and heating up. I have to admit, this has over all been an easier one for me than last. Not taking a language or writing a screenplay or researching ancient egypt in a museum library really frees you up. But now, I have three papers due in the next few weeks, all of which are an enormous portion of my grade. Alack, alas!


I'll admit...

Cory Kennedy: Guilty Pleasure
Lou Doillon: Pleasure

photos from CK - Uber



Hey friends, sorry I've been gone. Things have been a bit rough lately, with school and important life decisions and what not, and I'll admit, I've been schlubbing around in the same old thing pretty much every day. Hopefully things we will be back on track ASAP, until then, bear with me!

photo by me


High class shades

I'm selling these heart-shaped sunglasses from MANGO, the same ones in this post, on my ebay!

Photo stolen from Diana's myspace. Thanks friend!