Five words: Cate Blanchett, I love you.

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I received several belated Christmas presents on my visit home back in January, but easily the sweetest was this beautiful little Fifi Lapin pin that my Mom surprised me with. The best part was opening up the envelope and finding a family snapshot that explained just why she had to choose that particular bunny in her little paper crown...

Alex has been gone on tour for over a week now, but fortunately we got to spend Valentine's Day together. Among the far too many things he treated me to that day was this bunch of deep pink and white tulips. There's something so wonderfully languorous and graceful about the way tulips droop and then arch themselves towards the light. They make even the messiest of kitchen table tops look fit to print.








Each season, it's always a pleasure to see what Charles Anastase has come up with. Even if I don't fall for every piece, his collections always seem incredibly personal and special. I know he draws heavily on Art and Literature in his references, and it shows--something in his clothes, the fabrics, the lengths, the cuts, they always strike me as quite classical and romantic. This season, they put me in the mind of a Velasquez painting. And let us not forget: more awesome shoes for Jessica Simpson to knock off!

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It's been quiet around here, and I'll tell you why: the last few days, each time I go to try and post about London Fashion Week, about Valentines and new clothes and pink and white tulips, I can't bring myself to press Publish. Something needs to be said first.

I don't like to delve too deeply into politics here, mostly because I don't think it's the proper forum, and also because I never feel that I am articulate enough to speak the way I would like to about the issues I care most deeply about, a condition that brings me a great deal of grief and frustration. Still, I honestly feel that I can't go on posting here without getting this off my chest.

On February 18th, the House voted to pass a bill that, among other things, would strip Planned Parenthood of all Federal funding. It is a disgrace to this country to think that, in a time when so many women, children and families need the sort of services that this organization provides more than ever, that someone, anyone, would seek to cripple and destroy their efforts. Planned Parenthood has always been somewhere that I've known even I (uninsured, unemployed, or both) could go for free health screenings and family planning options--or, should the worst occur, find support and confidentiality in a time of greatest need.

This is a subject I tend to get really emotional about (seriously, I'm tearing up a bit here just trying to get this all to come out straight!) and there really is so much more I would like to say. Instead however, I will simply urge you to add your name to this open letter to Congress and pass it along to anyone you feel might share this conviction. And, if you live in the NYC area, come join me and a few thousand other pissed off individuals at the Rally for Women's Health this Saturday. Obviously, both men and women should be encouraged to attend, but I will say this: as a female of the species, you and I owe it to ourselves, our bodies, and every other woman on this planet to let the government know we refuse to take this attack on our rights to govern and care for our own selves lying down.



I recently did a short interview for Tamsin over at Miss Believer. It's been a freakishly busy week and a half, and it's certainly not over, but I'm glad I had a reason to take a moment and snap a few new photos, even if they're nothing ground breaking! Thanks Tamsin <3





A few years ago now, I arrived in NYC from Washington via California determined to stay true to my West Coast sensibilities, in all their bright, mish-mashed, paisley, crazy quilt and sixties-polyester glory. The longer I've lived here, I'll admit, the further my tastes have skewed towards a more refined, simplistic, hell even minimalistic approach to getting dressed--though I have little hope of (or interest in) ever getting over my aversion to black.

Nevertheless, the thrill of a really great print will never, ever lose its appeal. Case in point: these Deyrolle x Opening Ceremony pieces. You may have seen Miranda July prancing about Sundance in the yellow cat print top, which I was awfully excited to find out wasn't vintage after all. Foxes also happen to be a favorite animal of mine (probably because they remind me of cats), so this stuff is kind of blowing me away at the moment. Oh dang, can you imagine it as wallpaper???

(See the Deyrolle x Opening Ceremony Spring lookbook and video feature here)



favorite dudes

favorite dudes

Uuugh, and just when I thought I was out of the woods--body aches, scratchy throat, here it comes, I can feel it! Being sick sucks, and it's even worse when you don't have anything furry to keep you warm (boyfriends excluded ar har!)

It's times like these I miss my two favorite dudes the most. Meet James (aka Jimbo, Jiminez, Jaimecito, Jimmy Jams, and of course, little Yimmy) and Fang (mostly just Fang...or Fangor.) Along with Chas, these guys keep an eye on my parents, hold down the fort, and occasionally leave a dead rat in the attic back on the farm. I only just convinced them this past visit (after YEARS) that I am not planning on dropping anything on them or tossing them out the window. I can only hope my hard work isn't forgotten next time we have to share the same bed.







Hope for the sun, hope for the sea, hope that I might actually want to L-I-V-E live again some day (so maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but still.) Thank you, Margaret Howell.

(Margaret Howell S/S 11 Campaign shot by Alasdair McLellan, via tFS)