brief encounter


I love this casual snap of Lou Doillon by Antonio Barras--as well as the blog from whence it came, The Singular. It makes me so happy to see someone blending such an analog format into the hyper-digital mix. Sadly, it also reminds me of how much bitterness I still feel towards Polaroid (as a company, that is...)

tassel up, cowboy


It's no secret how I feel about tassels. So when I discovered Jenny Jenny, suffice to say it was love at first sight. Oh, and Icing on the cake: designer Jenny Collier was commissioned to create several pieces to be worn by models during the shoot for the newest Brian Ferry collaboration video, as seen above.



tasselclaspblack1 tasselclaspcoral1

The earrings are totally gorgeous, and same goes for the the lariat--I'd like to wear it as a belt over some slouchy paper bag pants, a lá Elise from Anywho (inspired, no doubt, by that little cult label Chloé...) That said, I think my favorite piece might be the tassel clip. I can think of a trillion plus one places to dangle that little guy! Accordingly, I want one in every color.


f**ked in the head

Lula #9

Lula #9

Lula #9

I know I know, it's bad enough that I have to ruin just about every magazine in existence for myself by skulking around the internet, obsessively seeking out scans...I shouldn't try and take you all down with me! Which is why I swear I'm not going to go crazy posting scans from the newest Lula (besides, you're perfectly capable of ruining it for yourselves I'm sure!)

But I had to post just a few from this editorial, my absolute favorite that I've seen so far (and they're all GOOD, no joke. I feel like this might be the best issue since the one guest edited by Kirsten Dunst.) It all feels very William Eggleston to me. Loooove.

But that's all...for now. Aaaah, god I'm sick. Go on without me!! Save yourselveeeeeesss...

(photos from Lula #9 found here)




Sacré bleu, you guys. This could be SO AMAZING!!!

It's been a long time since I was truly impressed with a (very)high/(very)low design collaboration (I'm lookin' at you, Target...) Ah, but it's Sonia! Here's hoping. Hard.

(Photo by Garance Doré)

switch on summer from a slot machine




I loved the daisy theme at Moschino Cheap & Chic S/S 2010, for more reasons than one...

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Coca Cola

Coca Cola

Growing up, my family didn't particularly favor junk food. One of the few extravagances that was unfailingly allowed, however, was a big box of Coca Cola Classic in cans, kept in the icebox for cooling down on hot afternoons in between stints of garden work.

These days I mostly find the stuff a little too intense, but every now and then it really hits the spot--especially the Mexican variety, paired with chorizo tacos and salsa verde. And let us not forget the frozen JB-and-Coke slushie as purveyed by Bushwick Country Club. Yeah, I'd like to buy the world one or two o' those...

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bargain bin

Thrift Town

I've reduced the prices on the last few things still in my Etsy Shop!

I'm moving next week and I'm still trying to figure out if/how I'll be able to keep the store up in my new place. Might require a temporary hiatus. Thanks to everyone who's shopped with me over the last few months!

(photo by me!)

ooh la la

You think if I bathe myself in this stuff everyday, I'll start magically morphing into a more Lou-ish creature? Worth a shot right??

Happy weekend everyone!

(Photo found here)


waxing polychromatic






Wowsa, can you imagine Marie Claire USA ever printing something this gorgeous??

The colors in that first photo are so perfect they very nearly bring a tear to my eye. Certain color combinations just really get me going, you know? I can never seem to get very excited about all these all-black ensembles. Granted, I understand the idea that a lack of color differentiation can mean a greater focus on shape and cut, but...the most astounding garment architecture in the world could never reproduce in me the simple joy brought on by salmon pink, orange red, lavendar and camel in chorus, captured in a single moment.

(Photos by
David Bellemére for Marie Claire Italia)

freaky geeky big

I have no idea if this is true, but I kinda really want it to be.

Oh, and if you don't understand what the big deal about Jason Segel is (hey HEY, the years have not been kind to any of us...), you obviously haven't seen "Freaks and Geeks" (oh hell, just click that either way.) Your loss, Lindsey Weir!


some day my prints will come


I've been doing a lot of mixing prints lately--mostly out of necessity, since I seem physically incapable of buying solid separates...or singles for that matter. I don't own one dress without a print. Why is it so much easier to buy five perfect floral skirts than it is one nice black one? I ask you.


This wouldn't be such an issue if I didn't love patterned accessories so much as well! So in the end I say screw it. As long as the colors work, the prints will follow...and nobody will know that you didn't have a choice in the matter!


light as air


I love absolutely everything about this photo from Turned Out--the colors, the complexion, and the HAIR, oh man. Like a perfect dollop of meringue, a pretty, puffy little hair cloud.









I'm really loving this blog I recently came across called Anywho. It's run by three equally gorgeous, equally well turned out Danes, all of whom have equally fabulous and important sounding jobs in the fashion industry (at least the online translator I used made them sound pretty impressive...)

Stephanie, Elise and Ingrid are all amazing, but I think my favorite might have to be Stephanie, pictured above. I mean, she made that purple dress...and it kills right?? And those Topshop boots, cripes. Also, replace the pants in that second outfit with a little black skirt and I could easily live in it for the rest of my life...the colors are so perfect they make me want to cry rainbows!

(all images from Anywho, please click photos for original posts!)

teaser and the fire cat

I found these tiny wee photos from the newest issue of Lula over on Quiet Rebel. I understand the theme is "redheads", which totally rules. The damn thing's out in the UK, and now it's just a matter of twiddling my thumbs till it appears on Yankee soil. Maaan, being dependent on foreign magazines is a real drag!

In the meantime, their new website is worth a look-see, especially the scrapbook section.


Lewis s/s 2010

Lewis S/S 2010

Lewis S/S 2010

Lewis S/S 2010

Lewis S/S 2010

Lewis S/S 2010

Lewis S/S 2010

Lewis S/S 2010

Lewis S/S 2010

Lewis S/S 2010

My photos from the Lewis S/S 2010 Presentation. Upstairs at 5Ninth, models were arranged in tableau along one wall, each of them wearing a pair of immaculate white Keds. The room was peppered with circus props, and in one corner a projector played the latest little movie starring Lewis wear, shot down at Coney Island.

The last two photos are of the designer herself, Alison Lewis. I think she was a little giddy from exhaustion by the time I snapped this photo right before we left! I was so happy for her. It's always nice to know someone who absolutely deserves their success.