it's the final countdown


This is essentially how I'm imagining my (and perhaps your??) night ending, somewhere in the wee hours of the morning. Only I'll be wearing a lot more black and a lot more sparkles and some bright red lipstick.

See you all on the other side!!


(photo from Vogue Italia found here)

big in japan

Abbey/Vogue Nippon February 2010

I absolutely love this cover (Abbey Lee Kershaw/Vogue Nippon February 2010.) The colors just make me so dang happy. Holy crap, I cannot wait for spring...or at very least for the spring editorials to start rolling out!

P.S. I officially reached 500 followers over on Bloglovin' today. That's crazy you guys! Thank you so much, every last one of you, Bloglovin' lovers or not. So I guess this might be a bit redundant, but in order to properly "claim" my blog, I have to remind you to follow my blog with bloglovin. No pressure though ;n )


rainbow bright




Speaking of crazy shoes and blowing my mind...I'm itching to know just which lucky dame with size 6 feet, $120 extra clams, and cojones the size of bowling balls is gonna snap these glorious suede sky scrapers up?? Would that it were me, but two out of three elements of this equation are sorely missing.

please stand away from the platform edge


You know how some people claim that they just sorta roll out of bed and put on the first things they pick up off their floor? Yeah well, if you were Valentine Fillol-Cordier, you might just happen to grope your way into a pair of Charles Anastase platforms and then proceed to blow my mind. Ho-leee smokes!

(photo found here)


rouge alert!

visit Celebrity City

As a belated Christmas present to myself, I'm thinking of buying a nice red lipstick to wear on New Year's Eve, a bright orange-red, ala Chloë up there. Maybe a little fancier than drugstore brand, but nothing too crazy (Sephora here I come!)

Any suggestions??








Some beautiful shots from an editorial by Camilla Akrans for Vogue Germany. A couple of them remind me a bit of Sam Haskins circa Cowboy Kate, they're so soft and pretty. Just the thing to give you some extra hope for spring on a cold, sunny Sunday afternoon.

(photos found here and here)


Happy Holidays Part II

...and it is!!

EDIT: UGH, weak NBC! Watch it here

Happy Holidays

to you all!


Buffalo Gals


Today, AMC is playing 24 hours of White Christmas, and then, at 8:00pm, It's a Wonderful Life is on NBC (man, sometimes being in America is sorta ok.) I'm sewing our stockings and making English toffee, all to the tune of "Sisters". Cheesy, yes, achingly so, but right now it reeeaalllyyy hits the spot!

What are some of your favorite movies to watch this time of year?

(stills via movieoftheday)


skjorta av min drömmarna

wolf shirt

Recently, a friend returned from a trip to Sweden spinning tall tales of the most epicly amazing, soft, thin, perfectly cut wolf t-shirt she had ever seen in her life, but had neglected to purchase. After some accidental super sleuthing, I deduced that this shirt is in fact from the store Grandpa in Stockholm. I also deduced that it was the shirt I have been waiting to own approximately my whole life.


Above is a photo of the shirt in its natural habitat, courtesy of Marion Rocks. Glorious. The only problem is, besides not having 96 bucks laying around the spend on a t-shirt, Grandpa doesn't ship to the US. This whole situation is just too heartbreaking to handle. We'll run together in dreams across the frozen tundra, wild and free, you and I.


the sea inside




I think I would literally weep salty tears of joy if someone gave me this beautiful Unearthen necklace. The little vial contains drops of Pacific Ocean water (it also comes in crude oil and holi powder versions.) I never ever stop missing the West Best Coast, but the holiday season can be especially rough on the ol' heart strings.

Of course, this has also got me thinking about ways I could just DIY one for myself next time I'm out west where I belong...uh, anyone know a good home tutorial for hermetic sealing??

(photos via Bona Drag)





I am so in love with this bag that recently arrived from Bows and Bandits, masters of fine Austrian vintage. It reminds me of a rising (or maybe setting?) sun, and the little tassel on the zipper pull? Sealed the deal. Thanks Eva and Sophie!!

P.S. These Photobooth photos I've been posting are kinda heinous, I know, but given the combination of short days, cold outside, lack of light inside, and crappy camera, it's kinda the best option I've got at the moment. What do you guys think? Are pixelated, off-color snaps better than no snaps at all? I'm kinda on the fence...


thou shalt not covet thy loved ones' cardigans




My boyfriend keeps taunting me with an endless stream of amazing (and expensive) sweaters he's come across on the internet, especially from Inventory Magazine's excellent blog and drool worthy stockroom (he even made this little collage of his favorites for his tumblr.) Ok ok, I guess taunting is a harsh word...but he's already swathed in so much shawl-collared, leather buttoned, elbow-patched, heavy-knitted goodness every damn day, it's hard not to get a liiiiittle jealous.

(photos via Frankie Magazine and The Knoblr)


An American in Vernis


I don't think I will ever get tired of buying nail polish. It's silly, I know, a waste of money, no question. But even though I have a whole sack of shiny little bottles in my bathroom cabinet, I just can't be stopped. I love the way they look all lined up on a drugstore shelf; I feel the same way looking at tubes of paint or fresh, unsharpened colored pencils.

Even though working at American Apparel may have kind of killed the company for me, I am SO DOWN with this new nailpolish line they've got going on. I can't speak to the quality since I've yet to actually sample it, but the colors are amazing, seriously, I'm flipping out. And from what I can tell they are solid, none of that shimmer crap (well ok there might be some in that last one, too soon to tell)!! So so into that whole top row.



My immediate favorites are Office and Palm Springs, above, but seeing as they come 3 for $15, I might have to add Rose Bowl to the mix.

(photo via Chictopia)


two colorful, otherwise unrelated things

I'm in FADER

In case you were wondering to whom that glorious head of hair (and those spandex-spackled thighs) belong on page 38 of the newest issue of FADER...it's me!! Man, I wish you guys could see the rest of the pictures we took that day, let's just say that folding chair and I got familiar. Photo by John Francis Peters.


I made a watermelon cake. Everyone thought it was a Christmas cake at first, but no, watermelon. It really freaked out my eyeballs. You can learn how to make your own over on Sweeetheart Fever, thanks to Cassie, my partner in baking crime. Photo by Ben Scheim.


don't thank me...









Saturday afternoon, post Opening Ceremony sample sale, I was feeling a little bit woozy. I swear every time the (freezing) wind blew I could hear it rustling down the canyons of my empty wallet. So by the time we passed the magazine shop on 14th which I knew carried Apartamento, I had pretty much given up any hope of actually owning the little bugger.

This story has a happy ending only because I happen to have the best bf in the world who didn't even think twice about marching into the store, throwing down some plastic, and plopping the magazine in my cold little hands.

So now, thanks to my favorite dude, we can all be just a little bit more envious of Ms. Sevigny's impeccable taste, not to mention her shoe collection. And do take the time to read the article--it's worth it for the gardening tips alone.

(all photos shot by Lele Saveri for Apartamento Magazine)


git along, little doggies


After much deliberation, I've decided to sell these Western loafer heels I recently nabbed. Not that I don't love 'em, it's just, well, how do I put this...it maaay have something to do with the $60 bones I threw down today on a pair of sandals at the Opening Ceremony sample sale. But more on that later! For the time being, shop Maude Loves Harold Vintage (and help buy me some groceries.)

wendy bird






Odds are you may have already seen these photos over on Liebe Marlene, but I had to go ahead and post them anyways, because they are so perfect and amazing. It's like Wendy Bevan has both the keys to my heart and a direct telephone line into my brain.

And can we just talk about the hair? I would seriously have gotten a soft perm about 30 minutes ago if I wasn't afraid my hair was going to fall out from having to dye it regularly as well. Guess I gotta choose one: golden mane or dishwater blonde curls??


winning combination

current fave

This is my favorite combo at the moment: silk button-up, new cardi, leopard belt, jeans and boots. It got so cooold over the last few days, I really need to beef up my sweater collection, and fast.

current fave

Heeeeey guysssss...uh, anyways, I just scored this cardigan the other night, it's nice and soft and I want to replace the buttons with something dark brown and covered in woven leather. Then it will be the ultimate!


stud finder

alexa in phillip lim

jason rider (?) in Phillip Lim

First Alexa, then this dude...I still want to DIY myself a version of this Phillip Lim button up. I actually ordered myself a bunch of conical studs a few months ago in an uncharacteristic fit of motivation, only to find they were too large and looked way too much like rows of silver nipples. Anyways, I think maybe I'm feelin' gold a little more now, à la these gloves?

(second photo from the Sartorialist)





I think I literally stopped breathing for several seconds when I saw this first snap on the back of Worn Fashion Journal as part of a collage of shots from Vanessa Jackman's blog. This girl is LIVING THE DREAM, full speed ahead, no holds barred. This is what I would look like every day if both my balls and my wallet sextupled in size overnight.

So Georgia, fashion student, I salute you and your and your crazy-ass fringed Louboutins from the bottom of my heart. And Serah-Marie, thanks a bunch for sending me Worn, it rules so hard!


changing my spots


I think I've finally figured out why leopard is the one and only animal print I can tolerate in such large quantities: when examined closely...the spots look just like flowers! I can't believe this only just occurred to me. That is so, totally it you guys, because heck knows how much I love me a flower print (and flowers too, while we're at it...)

This button-up is my most recent leopard purchase, bringing the tally in my wardrobe up to 4 whole pieces, where only a few months ago there was none.