free Colt 45*

Somewhere between the morning after a night out and the afternoon you opened up that box of crap you sent yourself from Washington...

...you might just find yourself wandering around someone's alley wearing 90's technicolor ski sunglasses, a plaid dress and a sassy look on your face. Trust me, it's been known to happen.

*Ok, I feel like this post and its title run the unacceptable risk of making me sound waaay more badass than I really am. The previous night in question in fact consisted of me drinking one single free Colt 45, which tasted like an ashtray someone had vomited in, at which point I steadfastly insisted on retiring into the arms of a double hot fudge brownie sundae and Drop Dead Fred on the television. So what? So there.



Last night I went and saw "Tropic Thunder". See, I have a bad habit of letting the film reviews in New York Magazine sway my opinion (or at least tickle my fancy). In the case of "You Don't Mess with the Zohan", I was...disappointed. In the case of "Thunder" I was slightly less so, if only because ROBERT DOWNEY JR. CAN DO NO WRONG. Anyways, I wore this old dress I found in my closet that I thrifted in Washington this Spring. I think it used to be a beach cover-up, and consequently a 12 inch slit up one seam had to be sewed shut to save the world from my granny panties. Sigh. Maybe one day I will purchase a dress that just FITS, right from the get-go. Maybe. I wont hold my breath.


hooray new things!

Tuesday night, I went to this totally amazing party. Since I had just gotten back from the West Coast, meaning many of my clothes are still in the mail (those that I couldn't shove into my painfully undersized suitcase, and that, clearly, meaning MANY), and since I was feelin' deceptively flush, I went to Beacon's Closet that afternoon with the notion of just, straight up, purchasing something. No trading, no dilly dallying and putting things on hold and then forgetting about them: no. If I found a dress and shoes that fit, I was prepared to throw down the Wamu Gold right then and there.

So, with this new found freedom coursing through my veins, I obviously expected to find zip, zilch. That would just be toooo easy, right? Well ha! For once, I won. I found this pretty little dress (actually, it was once considerably less little, and being sans sewing machine, I was forced to just hack it off a few minutes before rushing out the door... just don't look too closely) and,

these shoes which, yes, tore my feet to all hell within the first 15 minutes of stumbling around between the subway and the South Street Sea Port. I'm sorry I don't have a picture of me wearing all this. So maybe I was too busy getting down to some serious talk of Gem Sweaters. So sue me.


Oh dear

Hi guys! I'm so sorry I haven't been posting lately. Really, I am. I'm still in the transition phase from non stop natural beauty/cats/badminton to the mean streets of Brooklyn. Combine that with a mad apartment and job hunt, and you've got a recipe for a poorly kempt blog. I promise I will be back ASAP! And thank you so much for all the wonderful comments on my last entry, I will answer any questions you might have had in the same thread!



Today I lay down in the backyard for a good long while, trying to save up enough sunshine to last me through the long cold New York winter that I feel hovering on the horizon like a dark cloud of sadness (though to you actually in NYC at the moment, that eventuality may seem an awful long way off...). Then, I chopped the hem off this skirt I bought the other day (which I think could still stand to be a good deal shorter), and put on a tank top the same color as the record playing on my stereo. Now all that's left to decide is what shoes to wear. I'm leaning heavily towards none...

P.S. The fabulous folks over at Prim Magazine have published a short, extremely flattering feature on me and my blog in the current issue (which is all sorts of rad, besides). So go check it out!