get down girl

Has it been nearly a week? Really? Ah jeez. I'd like to say I've just been slaving away over the ol' text books, which is true...ish. But honesty, I've also been doing a fair amount of this:

Additionally, much of my free time and energy have been going into preparing for something rather glorious--4th of July long weekend spent at a house in Montauk! Floppy hat? Check. Espadrille wedges? Check. I might even eat lobster for the first time! Ah, East Coast livin'...

(Hey, Ben, what say you quit that silly EMT training and just become my full-time personal photographer, k?)


his hang-ups are hilarious!

Of all the wonderful things I received for my birthday this year, the best by far has got to be this: a limited edition copy of the never-before-released Soundtrack to Harold and Maude. For a Seventies film junkie like me, this is something of a holy grail my friends. Oooh I am only just beginning to nerd out over this! And on top of it all, I was also gifted a record player to play it on! I'm so excited to be able to go record shopping once more without the added guilt of not actually being able to listen to them. Best best best!

official birthday/bbq portrait

I feel like maybe this should be hanging over a fireplace somewhere...

courtesy of spiffae, but of course!

one last time...

Now that Beth's had her launch party, which sounded like quite a success, I just wanted to post my "traveling shirt" photo. You guys have probably already seen it, yeah yeah, but hey, I'm still excited! Of course, if I had to do it again I would probably style it completely differently, hindsight being 20/20 and all...but I do indeed think it speaks to my...colorful aesthetic, heh. And it shows off my sweet yellow walls! Anyways, I know I've said it a billion times, but thanks again Beth :n )


Society Gals won't you come out tonight?

As some of you may remember, several weeks ago the illustrious Beth Jones, the über-stylish force behind The Vintage Society, invited me to take part in this awesome project. Well, the project has now come to full fruition, and Beth is celebrating the launch of her new website today, Saturday the 21st, with a party at SiteLA. I wish upon wish I could attend, but as I am stuck on the other side of the country, it's up to you, my friends, to live the dream for me. Check out her blog for the deets, as well as photos of myself and several other amazing ladies from around the globe in our Quiksilver stripey shirt!


Cousin It much?

But hark! Methinks 'tis nigh upon time to trim ye olde bangs...

Also, look at this sweet lil' pin my mom sent me for my birthday from Retro Rose. Her little dress is made from part of a ground mustard tin. I love it!


Have I mentioned to y'all how truly, madly, and yes, deeply I want this St. Tropez Leisure bathing suit? If not, that is a terrible oversight on my part. And if so, I feel it bears repeating. I am still of the opinion that white is a semi-questionable color for swim wear, but you cannot tell me it wouldn't be worth it.

Oh, hello two-piece version. Thanks for making my life £85.00 more complicated. Yeesh.


damn it feels good to wear a cardigan

The last few days have actually been tolerably warm, if even a bit chilly. What a lovely respite! Now, let's just hope the weather holds for my birthday on Sunday...although I wouldn't say no to another insane thunderstorm, as long as I have a good view of the action.



Sorry for the absence, I've been a bit preoccupied doing some pretty serious self-medicating involving red wine, salads and Twizzlers Twizted Paradise pull-n-peels (the WORST) with Ms. Sweeetheart Fever. Expect normalish activity to resume shortly!


see, I was a gypsy too

This just makes me laugh!



Having a headcold in the summertime is pretty much the worst. I can no longer tell if I have a fever or if my body is just slowly being cooked. But that being said, some things in life are worth getting sick for.


I can't wait to see you again, gypsy friends, on an island in the sun!



Today was crazy hot yet again, the kind of day when you just want to lay nekkid in front of your Air Conditioner (or in my case, a $13 Hawaiian Breeze fan from Target). But alas, even this unemployed student had duties to attend to, necessitating clothing and semi-coherent thought. Boo, I say.

P.S. Sorry you have to look at all this strange crap behind me, I'll get this corner cleared one of these days when it isn't so, well, you know...


are good beach days

Thanks E-BAD!


magpie eye

Nice, shiny things: a golden thimble on a long chain, an indispensable comb handmade in Japan, and a vintage Vogue brand ring that reminds me of a bird's nest or maybe an underwater coral palace filled with milky white pearls. P.S. My brain is melting like a puddle of soft-serve, can you tell?


4 degrees short

Today, the weather is forecast to reach a temperature only four degrees shy of a certain late-90's boy band. You do the math. I'd like to say "at least it's a dry heat", but that would be a bald-faced lie. The bangs are having a field day!

St. Vincent, Campari, Cassie & me

What more could you possibly need?


jean genie

I fear I can no longer resist the clarion call of the 90's revival bandwagon. Though I think maybe this is one of those wagons you tend to fall off of, not onto...I'm still not down with scrunchies, but give it time, give it time.

P.S. shelby, does this answer your question? ;n )


BUST, part deux

Here's the second article I have in the current issue of BUST. Not exactly my area of expertise, (thankfully, knock on wood, etc...) but I think it's a pretty cool system, and INSPOT is doing some awesome work. Also, I just realized it is on page 111, and made a wish!


oh hai!

Thanks to the benevolence of a kind friend (or perhaps just some seriously drunken philanthropy) I am now the proud owner of a brand new/old Nikon Coolpix 5600!

It is, almost incomprehensibly, an even bigger piece of crap than the L4, eats batteries for brunch, and I love it to death. I'm still working a few bugs out with the color/tint/exposure/general badness, but I am so happy to be back in business! Not that I'm going to stop preying off the flickr accounts of friends, enemies and/or total strangers. NEVER.


holy heck...

...what a weekend.

Thanks again for the shirt, Sarah! It's done me well.

Photo courtesy of Ben Duchac