For me?

I would like very much to gloat to you all over what I got for Christmas, but the problem is, the whole gift giving process is being slowly dragged out for me this year. I didn't get home for the holidays, and instead I'm headed there in the beginning of January, so my family decided that we should save our gifts and exchange them in person.

But that didn't mean no presents at all on Christmas. I already got the best one by far on the 17th when my boyfriend came to stay with me for two weeks, but as far as material goodies go, so far I have welcomed these little fellas:

and this book:

into my life, as well as a few other odds and ends. So tell me, what's the best thing you got for your Holiday of choice this year?


Sleepy sleepy sleepy

I have been SO TIRED lately, it's all I can do to drag myself out of bed each day an hour before the sun goes down. This is the point at which not having a job and not going to school starts loosing all its charm.

I just want the sun to come back!!!

P.S. This skirt/jumper actually used to be shorts on the bottom, I bought them at a thrift store in Washington State and turned them into a skirt. I sort of wish I had left them shorts since that would be way funnier. I have been so starved for good thrift stores in NYC, but I'm headed back west for a few weeks soon and I CANNOT WAIT!


My legs saw their shadow, it's another 3 months of winter

This picture makes me laugh because it looks kind of like I'm getting ready to mace whoever is photographing me in the face. "Where the hell is my damn MACE?!" But no, I'm probably just digging around in there for my holiday spirit. I lost track of it a couple times this year...

It was so warm here Christmas day (I mean, relatively speaking) that I actually left the house sans tights for the first time in weeks, if not months. But then we realized that everything was closed and ran right back in...


Well friends,

now what?


Holiday madness


The last few days have been filled with so many friends, I've actually been leaving my little hovel off the N-line and seeing movies and eating tasty things and cooking pasta in OTHER PEOPLE'S APARTMENTS (I know, I'm such a wild child!) Consequently, my blog has suffered. Apologies all around. I'm still here, honest, I'm just in hibernation, like a really ridiculously good-looking bear. And until I actually get it together to do something creative myself, I will continue to whole-heartedly steal photos from my friends, like the one above (thanks Rachel!)


To tide you over

One of my favorite artists, playing one of my favorite songs, and looking PLENTY FIT.


...forgot to mention one little thing...

NOT that I'm looking to get hitched anytime soon, BUT--wouldn't this make the absofrickinlutely barfoutloudliest adorable engagement ring eeevvveeerrr??? Sweet Jebus, HOW COULD YOU SAY NO??? Dior clearly had no idea what kind of matrimonial pony they were unleashing from the proverbial stable here (or DID THEY?!?). This ring should be guarded like some sort of highly sensitive national secret. God forbid it should fall into the wrong hands...


Workin' hard/hardly workin'

I'm singing the end-of-semester-blues. You know, that last week or so where it just feels like it REALLY should all be over, but it isn't, and time drags its nasty little hooves in the sand. It's a rotten business all right. Things might get a bit patchy around here for a bit--the weather's miserable and all these clouds make me want to shut my eyes until April. But I'll try and keep up, if I don't drown in books first!

P.S. Per request, the full frontal!

My housemate found me this dress on the street the other day. This was before I took it up a bit, which is why I'm hiking it skywards. And yes, I am wearing my own hair as a headband. I win!


Happy Meowlidays!


Sparkle sparkle

The BUST Craftacular was fun, but nuts. The place was packed! The constant jostling really took it outta me, but it was worth crossing a couple people off my Christmas list. I still have sooo many gifts I need to buy, for people who I know so little about. And then there's my father and brother-in-laws whose lists each year consist of three things: coffee, chocolate, socks. Sigh.

What do you buy for relatives you're not especially close with, and who don't share your tastes?


Potentially unwise purchase #5,287

I bought a huge, canary yellow cardigan at Buffalo Exchange a couple days ago. It is truly enormous and makes me look like Big Bird's great grandpa (no, really). But here's the thing: it's 100% effiing J. Crew CASHMERE! And it was $7.50! AND IT FEELS LIKE I AM WEARING A CLOUD!!!



Short notice I know, but if you live in the NYC area, you should come hang out with me at the 3rd annual BUST magazine CRAFTACULAR tomorrow, Dec. 8th! This will be my first time attending, but it sounds like a pretty rockin' good time--food, drink, dancin', and 200+ vendors selling every kind of craft under the sun: silk-screened items, vintage clothing, cosmetics, knitwear, jewelry, paper goods, handbags, ornaments, cards, and more! Oh, and did I mention that Amy Sedaris will be there? Yeah. That's right. See here for more info, and I'll see YOU tomorrow!

Shock and awe

Sometimes I'm rather alarmed by how short the things I was wearing in summer were! I just pulled this dress I made in July out of the bottom of my suitcase (yes, due to extreme dresser/money shortages, I am still keeping many of my clothes in an enormous suitcase on the floor) and slapped it on over leggings (over tights, I might add) and was almost uncomfortable wearing it with my all my bits fully covered, let alone bare legged! I fear I'm loosing the cojones that working at American Apparel granted me (a tolerance for the perversely short, thanks Dov!) Alas!


Oh golly

Sweet sassy molassy I WANT these shoes. What, do you suppose, are the odds of $158.00 extra dollars dropping out of the great blue yonder and plunking me on the head?


Brr frickin' brrrrrrr

Christ on a cracker, it's cold here. I think I'm going to have to start layering leggings over tights if I am to continue my pants-strike (it's not really by choice, it's just that, all my pants suck!) Desperate times call for desperate measures.


Roller Girl

As a dear friend put it:
"I want her apartment
I want her socks
I want the way she horribly, brilliantly mangles BMW
I want her smudgy eyes and her ridiculous glasses


The shirt heard 'round the world

It's colder than a witch's teet in January outside, and I go around buying sheer flouncy little pink numbers and not wearing pants like it ain't no thang. My life is a rollercoaster ride into madness, y'all!


That's it!

November 2007 is officially at an end, and I can't say I'm sorry to see it go. Now the mad downhill frenzy towards Christmas begins in earnest. Question numero uno: what's on your list this year? Here's a few from mine: