Britt Lower by Charlie Rubin for Working Class Magazine, styled by yours truly, with thanks to Alexandra Grecco, Hannah Metz and Sarah Beaver.

So the thing about having a job that requires you to be on the internet all day is that it helps you get real tired of the internet, real fast. I have been neglecting too many dusty corners--it's time to sweep out the world wide cobwebs. Above are a few outtakes from a shoot I did with Charlie and actress Britt Lower for Brooklyn-based zine Working Class. I made my peace with pastels that funny day.

I played a supporting role on another shoot not so long ago with my favorite flower girl, od'ing with perverted bliss on lily fumes and stumbling home at three in the afternoon loaded down with the biggest, smelliest bouquet of leftovers. Running out of vases and shoving French lavender into old jam jars. And slowly, but surely, a pal and I have been chipping away at a brand spankin' new website, primarily intended to trick the public into thinking I am a fully, perhaps even professionally, functioning human. Works in progress (me, myself and my website.) After all: it does not matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop--or so a wise tumblr template once told me.