Wherever we go, whatever we do, we're gonna take this luggage with us!

(photo via Yvan Rodic)

I bought a suitcase yesterday that is made out of almost the exact same fabric as this man's trousers. Now I'm getting anxious to start putting stuff in it already!

No one knows how to pack for a trip like Joe Banks. The scene with the luggage salesman is probably one of my favorite movie moments ever.


tiny love

baby chloe

Opening Ceremony just posted a bunch of great photos of Chloë, including a few from her own personal collection. Check out her child modeling card! Lookit that Sears-catalog-ready smile. I think the eight year old me would have had a girl crush on her too.

take me away...

aussie set

With the wind whistling frightfully outside my window, I spent tonight playing dress-up in my southern hemisphere wardrobe. Don't get me wrong--I'm crazy excited for Japan! But I'm absolutely aching for bare legs and a Bondi Summer, in February at that. Wish I could show you photos, but this is a pretty good approximation of some of the stuff I'm looking forward to wearing on the Australia/New Zealand leg of our trip:

My big old cream silk blouse, tucked into anything and everything.
Finally got a pair of Saltwater Sandals (only took me 10 months!)
Rayban (cough...knockoffs...cough...) Clubmasters.
Shooorts! But ok, tonight I discovered that one of the pairs I wanted to take gives me a camel toe, and the other pair a wedgie?! Life is sincerely not fair.
My favorite shade of polish, though maybe I shouldn't take it on the plane since it'll probably explode??
Trusty skinny leopard belt, it's even soft like fuuur.

Also: hooooly crap I am looking forward to stocking up on Aussie/Kiwi mags at normal prices (just don't tell me how much they actually cost once you factor in my airfare hrrrrmmm...)

(click photo for item details!)


let down your hair









One of my favorite models (Hanne Gaby) shot by one of my favorite photographers (Lina Scheynius) in The February 2010 issue of Número Korea. I've been waiting for this ever since a few shots popped up on Lina's flickr. See the rest here!


sneek peek

The second installment of the Lou Doillon/Vanessa Bruno films, which goes live on Bruno's site tomorrow. I love it, and those hot pink pants!

well i'll be

charles anastase




If those Charles Anastase platforms happen to be out of your reach (so, essentially, if you're not Ms. Filliol-Cordier herself), Jessica Simpson of all people has offered us a pretty accurate knock off. I mean, obviously they're not nearly as nice, but dang it all, at $79.99, they're not that bad... (thanks to LeFashion for the tipoff.)

(backstage photos via Dazed Digital)

i love the flower girl

jean paul
(photo from i-D Magazine June/July 2002)

Yesterday I had a bit of a crap day, so Alex, who bore the brunt of it via IM, brought me home a bunch of beautiful yellow crocosmia. Ladies and gentlemen, I've said it before and I'll say it again: you cannot go wrong with flowers! Some people complain that they're afraid of "getting the wrong thing", but guess what? There's really no such thing as a truly hideous flower (well, maybe besides those ones that live in the jungle and eat insects and smell like death), and besides that, the gesture alone will overrule any wilted daisies or bug-eaten babysbreath.

Still not convinced? Here are some safe bets that you can pick up on your way home from work today:
Spray roses (the smaller kind that has a bunch of little blossoms on one stem)
Orchids (yeah pricier, but you only need one!)

I'm telling you, just don't buy carnations and you'll be set. Also, let me take this opportunity to plug my new tumblr devoted to flowers, because I love them, and they make me happy!


killer filler

Vogue Feb 2010

Vogue Feb 2010

Speaking of travel...airports are one of the very few places that I allow myself to buy just about any domestic magazine I want. I deem it a necessary indulgence. On my return trip from Washington last week I found myself staring forlornly at a wall full of issues I'd already had my way with, save the February edition of Vogue US. With three hours to kill, I had little choice (if nothing else, I figured it might help me sleep...)

That aside, I actually thought this last little bit on "borrowing for the boys" was pretty cute. I love the last outfit with the cape and desert boots. Sometimes I get so tired of people who only seem interested in getting all bent out of shape over editorials since, more often than not, it's the rest of the content that I really enjoy, the little features and collages and whatnot. Maybe it's because I see so few editorials in general that really get me going, that I've come to take the time to appreciate a magazine for the smaller things?

two onesies


Thank you all SO MUCH for the travel/shopping advice!! My head is spinning just thinking about everywhere I'd like to go, but even if I only make it to a few of your recommendations I'm sure I'll have a blast.

I'm soooo excited, not least of all to be spending half of the dreary month of February in the part of the world where the sun is shining. I'm making room in my suitcase for shorts, big soft shirts to tuck in, and both of these rompers.
The pink one was a summer staple last year, the denim one is a more recent purchase, and both are second hand.


follow the sun




So what do these things have to do with each other? Well, I'll tell you. Maybe you remember my hinting at a big, post-grad, cross-equatorial vacation hovering on my horizon? Here's the whole truth: I'm going to be accompanying the Pains of Being Pure at Heart on their upcoming, month long, season swapping Japan/Australia/New Zealand tour!

So now, I have two things to ask of you. First, here's a list of the cities we'll be in:







I'd love any suggestions of thrift shops, vintage markets, boutiques, used bookshops, and any other places I ought to poke my nose in, especially ones that are in easy traveling/walking distance from the venues the Pains will be playing (more info on their myspace!) Leave a comment or shoot me an email if you like, st_veridian@hotmail.com.

Second, if you are planning on attending any of the shows, please come say hello!! If you feel a little weird yelling "Hey Ringo!" across a crowded hall, my real name is Siri, and please don't be shy--I'd love to meet every last one of you :n )


cookoo for caycee





An exclusive interview with my friend Caycee Black just went up over on the Fashion Spot, complete with some photos of her super sweet spring line. I absolutely love this girl and the pretty clothes she makes, and I think you will too! You can also see a video of her spring presentation right here, and see her fall collection on her website.


last days






i-D June/July 2002

1-D June/July 2002


I'm back in the big bad city tonight, but this editorial, another artifact from the dusty magazine archives, is like a little slice of grey, grungy home. Eight or so years later and I'm still in love.

(photos by Corinne Day for i-D Magazine June/July 2002)





Cause for celebration: Filippa Berg on Backyard Bill! See more over here.

(photos by William Gentle)

it's blitzed

I have a modest collection of ancient magazines that I leave sitting on the little coffee table in my childhood room--some choice issues of JANE, a copy of ID (the streakers issue!), and a Nylon or two, all of which played various roles in my development from sad nerd to the suave taste-maker I am today.


This time, my attention was caught by a piece on Karen O and Christian Joy in a rusty old (read: still totally amazing) issue of Nylon. This is how I first can recall finding out about her and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I remember thinking what a crazy badass she seemed like. Also I just reeeaaally wanted to party with her.


Eventually, I got to see them open for The White Stripes somewhere in the mid-aughts. I mostly just remember a bunch of drunk dudes yelling about how they wanted to bone her, which was uncalled for, but also understandable because I kind of wanted to bone her too.

(all photos by David Yellen for Nylon June/July 2002)


so damn pretty






I'm off for a walk in the woods. In the meantime, you can take a peak at the rest of these beautiful photos of Lily Cole, shot by Carter Smith, right here.

(all images via fashiongonerogue)


news from aweigh

Here I am, writing you from inside a tiny cabin, inside a big old forest, on a tiny island, in the cold cold sea. Not a lot of news to report from out here, except my parents have gotten a freezer so now we can ice cream whenever we want, which is some sort of crazy luxury out here let me tell you!

Anyways, please enjoy this picture of me feeling extremely skeptical about a huge leopard print hat, taken by Patrick on one of our antiquing trips in Anacortes the other day.


If a face could talk, this one would say "thanks but no thanks, chump." Now of course I kinda wish I had bought it.


two diy ideas

(image via Anywho)

It was love at first sight when I found these vintage tap shorts over on Anywho. Knowing that they exist for sale in a boutique somewhere in Madrid makes the fact they will never be mine all the more painful. But it got me thinking, maybe I could just make a pair myself? I've actually done a fair amount of beading work in my day, and while it would be incredibly tedious, it wouldn't be all that difficult. I figure, start out with a pair of these, do some creative tailoring, buy a crapload of cheap fake pearls and go for it!

(image via Nast Magazine)

Ok, so to be fair, the DIY aspect of this one might only extend so far as me begging my mom to knit up a bunch of tubes that I can then braid into whatever amazing head wrap/hat/yarn hair extension is going on here. Seriously, what on earth is this amazing thing?? Also, on a side note, I'm really stoked to see Nast back in business!


let the games begin











A few of my favorite shots from Opening Ceremony's new Spring 2010 lookbook, plus some behind-the-scenes tidbits (take a close look at those toenails, wowsa!!) I had the immense pleasure of briefly fondling a few of these pieces on the way to and from a FADER shoot recently, and they were soso gorgeous. Their watercolor prints are the best! You can see lots more on their blog.

(photos by David Benjamin Sherry)