So I guess I kind of failed on the whole "keeping you posted" thing, sorry! We've been in Melbourne for the last couple of days which has been pretty awesome (shout out to Elizabeth who came to the Polyester Records instore today and said hey!), but before I get any further we have to talk about Japan. JAPAN!! I only left three days ago and already I want to go back so badly it kills me. Most of my favorite memories involve food and/or beverages (Chu Hi!) so here is a smattering of mostly food-related photos from Alex's digicam. I'm just about through my fifth roll of print film, but for that we'll have to wait!


I'd be lying if I said I didn't have Crunky for breakfast on more than one occasion. It's like a Crunch bar but about 1000x better, just like pretty much everything in Japan: like something familiar, only far superior.


Basically, everything in Japan is cute and/or delicious. Just like those adorable, mouth-watering Pandas.


Not only do these cigarettes cost about $3.50 a pack from a vending machine, but they will fill your lungs with Hope and Peace. Not both though, you have to choose just one I guess.


This is a pet store in Kyoto. The one we went to in Osaka sold tiny monkeys in the back, which is probably terrible but yeah, you guessed it, also really really cute and a little scary.


This small Jamaican person is really into Japanese maple leaves.


We just popped down to the 105 Yen store in Kakogawa to pick up a fresh pack of finger sacks, nbd. Actually no, we didn't, but we did get a hamburger sponge and several cell phone charms shaped like toilets with light-up poop inside.


I find this pack of baby squid strangely enticing, probably because I'm imagining them being made out of sour gummy candy. Which isn't exactly out of the question by Japan standards.


Banana bread filled with banana flavored bean paste shaped like a banana and stamped with the word "banana". This is what I'm taking about.


And I did, and how.


I still can't believe I didn't buy one of these dancing cat dolls on Miyajima Island. They got down to "I'm Gonna Getcha Good" by Shania Twain, which isn't weird AT ALL. This would have easily been the best $12.00 I'd ever spent in my life.


We left a little calling card in the green room at Kobe Blueport, scrawled among the likes of Fuck You Heroes, Sweef, and Mislead Balds. Japanese band names are almost as ridiculous as New York band names. Ha!

Ok, I've got another day in Melbourne tomorrow and then it's off to Brisbane to wade through some 74% humidity. Hopefully I can get anohter batch of photos up in a few days. Be back soon I promise!


this is it!

(photo of Alexa Chung found here)

Ok, our flight leaves in about 11 hours...and yep, I'm still awake, oops! Thank you all yet again for the tips and reccomendations, I don't know if I'll be able to follow through on more than a handful of them but regardless I know I'll have an amazing time. Hopefully I'll be updating here and there, I don't really know what the internet situation is going to be yet but I'll give it my best shot.

Sayonara suckers!


the rest is rust and stardust


One of my favorite book covers in tee shirt form? Yes puhleeease! Stuff like this tends to smack of Urban Outfitters-type cheese-dickery, but I feel quite a bit better about this series. Plus it's got me daydreaming about other covers I'd love to don. This is another fave...but maybe it's not quite so wearable, heh?


take my breath away






I LOVE these photos from the March 2010 edition of Vogue Australia. All those Miu Miu prints worn by the stunning Samantha Harris, of German and Aboriginal background--and to top it off a set of sky blue fingernails. You can see the whole editorial here.

(photos by Nicole Bentley for Vouge Australia March 2010)

On the prowl//OMGiallo!

snow leopard

Meet the newest addition to my feline arsenal:


Snow Leopard! It's like regular leopard print, only kinda chilled out and stuff. Also, is it just me or are baby snow leopards even cuter than baby regular leopards? I think it's the blue eyes. No doubt you can see the family resemblance??


So I am reeeaaalllyyy not supposed to be doing any shopping before my trip, but today my resolve imploded like the Kingdome and I bought these crazy-ass shoes. I mean, come oooooon. They're canary yellow, they're hairy, and I had just enough credit at Beacon's to make them technically free. Funnily enough I think they're by a Japanese brand? Also:


They make me approximately one billion feet tall (which in my case actually means just, like, normal amounts of tallness.)