P.S. I did it again.

I broke. My. Camera. Far beyond repair.

It took a tumble today right as I was finishing up photographing that dress. It's taken many tumbles before, but this time it's little screen finally flashed out "Lense Error", the death knell of the Nikon Coolpix.

This comes at a pretty bad time, not that there is ever a good time to have to throw down for a new point and shoot (I feel like it's such a waste to keep buying these things, but CLEARLY I cannot be trusted with anything expensive, beside the fact that I couldn't afford one anyways), but circumstances are especially unripe at the moment for such a purchase. I'll ask around for a loner, but either way you might be seeing a lot less of me, myself in the internet world for a while...

Pink Velvet



New dress in my store.

If it was just a little smaller, I would hold on tight and never ever let it go.


The boots!

Turns out they're a size 10-10.5. Uhhhhh, go figure they didn't fit me...





Someone with boobs PLEASE buy it and do it every inch of the justice I cannot!

P.S. The first person I thought of when I saw it was Zana. That girl would absolutely kill in it, am I right?

Some Love and Attention

A photo shoot of a photo shoot. Sandy Kim's pictures of Girls doing what they do second best, LOOKING AWESOME (I say that only because what they do very best is make beautiful music...maybe we can just declare it a tie?), being snapped for Interview Magazine in L.A. See the rest here.


Guess who won't be coming to a foot near me?

Why? WHY? WHY?!?

I've been wanting a pair of Justin Roper boots for what seems like a lifetime. Recently, it's moved from strictly want territory to need land, since all my other boots are seriously falling apart in these vicious, icy, salted conditions. If this was 1919 I probably would have died from trench foot weeks ago.

And then I found a pair. A pair of beautiful, pristine, black leather lace up boots with extra long fringe on the toes, in what I estimated to be my size (Ropers purportedly come in men's sizes, making me a 6. I did my research!) And you know what the best part is?

They don't effing fit me!!!

I am distraught from the top of my head down to the tips of my wet, icy toes. A moment is silence, perhaps?

But lo, here is the silver lining: my loss is, as always, your gain. I will be putting them up on my Etsy ASAP, hopefully on Saturday. Just looking at them hurts my soul.

My best guess would put them at an 8.5, but I'll have to do some further investigating outside of the 15 seconds it took me to put one on my foot, stand up, and shed a single tear.


It's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl

A nice day in...followed by a horrible 10 minutes in which I realized I was late leaving for school, got dressed, did the dishes, did my homework, saved a burning building full of crippled, orphaned kittens, and made it school just in time to get my shoes soaked running across campus to buy a bagel and then spend three hours listening to Prof. Frauhauf talk about timbre (try pronouncing that in French with a German accent.)


CHLOË SEVIGNY, “Big Love” star, clothing designer.

WHAT I’M WEARING NOW I have a path of vintage shops in the East Village that I walk around to. The dress is from one them — Atomic Passion, I think. It was really long, like most Edwardian and Victorian dresses, and I cut off one of the tiers. The cardigan is part of my fall collection for Opening Ceremony. It has wool elbow patches and nice, big pockets to shove your hands into when you’re feeling awkward or insecure. My Chanel purse was a Christmas present to myself. It’s like playing Tetris trying to fit all my stuff in it. The boots are an old pair of Prada’s, and the tights are from the Sock Man. I love that place, but the guy’s the grumpiest man on earth. He’s like the Soup Nazi, but he sells socks.

STYLE CREDO I’m not feeling these modern, futuristic looks. It’s too hard. I love a frilly floral, and I always will. And I like minis. I tried to do a pencil skirt, but it looked too old. Lately I’ve been trying to dress sexier, but my version is still a little sad and frumpy and alternative. I get concerned that I don’t dress age appropriate, but at 34, I figure I can still pull it off for a couple more years.

MY INSPIRATION The kids I see on the street. Sometimes I sit in Tompkins Square Park and just check out all the looks. I recently got this book “Skins & Punks.” It really inspired my new collection. And my own style — I just bought a pair of cherry red Doc Martens.

ON MY WISH LIST Perfect jeans. After all these years, I still haven’t found them. Right now I’m looking for some light blue ones for spring.

(Image and text via New York Times Fashion & Style by Karin Nelson)


Etsy Shoe Showdown: Volume T-Strap

Before my latest excursion down Beacon's Closet Way (which, fyi, dead ends at "I Wonder How Many People Just Saw My Boobs Through the Crack in the Indoor Beach Cabana These People Call a Dressing Room" Lane), I spent many long dark months obsessively stalking etsy in pursuit of The Pair.

I'd be lying if I said my lust was entirely sated...but in the brief interum before the itch returns, in the spirit of the last showdown, and in the spirit of sharing, here's a round-up of all the beautiful little t-strap shoes I would buy on etsy if size and moola were no object.

size 7.5 from thisyearsmodel; size 8.5 from DuchessVintage

size 8.5 from Estate Sale

size 7 from Sweetwater Vintage

size 7.5 from VintageShoesNBoots; size 8 from NStyle Vintage

size 7.5 from Perfectly Vintage



I am in a bad mood. But I love the sleeves of my shirt. I also love this woman's photos.



I'm in love with this video by Girls, probably because:

Everyone in it is painfully attractive
The house they're running around in is AMAZING
It reminds me of living in San Francisco (ah, youth!)

I'm also just pretty much obsessed with this band, which is kind of a big deal for me since I get excited about a "new" band (as in, formed after the year of my birth, more than two surviving members, did not first learn of their existence exclusively through listening to Oldies 97.3 KBSG) approximately once every five years.

I almost forgot!

My little article in the Dec/Jan issue of BUST! I have one in the Feb/March issue as well, I'll be sure to scan and post it in a timely fashion.


For every several times I walk away from Beacon's Closet shaking my head in sadness, wondering why I waste my (precious) time in that place, there comes a day when I actually do quite well for myself. Well enough, anyways, to guarantee that I'll come crawling back. Witness:

A new bag for school, to which I must return with heavy heart next Tuesday, which is a B-U-M-M-E-R, but at least I got a cool bag out of it ("I graduated with a degree in Film Studies and all I got was this sweet bag...which I'll probably have to sell since this degree is useless"). It's just about perfect, and the strap is detachable so it can be either a practical messenger back or a classy doctor's bag, perfect for my ~*multi-faceted*~ lifestyle. I had to shove some girls trying on hats out of the way to grab it up (look ladies some of us aren't just here on a joyride, ok?)

I've been looking for little shoes like these for sooo long. These have semi-annoying teensy-weensy heels (don't YOU DARE call them kitten heels, oh bane of my existence, you defile the good name cute fluffy baby cats everywhere with your complete, utter retardedness) but they will be nice in the spring time for trotting around.

In other news, here is a corner of my room that I am especially fond of looking at. I found the shelf on the street and quickly piled it high with crap, such as: my new, beautiful Roost teapot, a complete and utter late-Christmas surprise; an old totem pole piggy bank that was collecting dust in my room back home; and the piece de resistance, my vintage YSL faux-cheetah ponyskin shoe booties which do not, and will never, fit me but which I will take with me TO THE GRAVE.

In conclusion, I got paid to hang out with the world's cutest dog today. I can't decide if I walked him or he walked me, cuz I'm BEAT. Nap time!


Black Suede and Strawberries

(oops, just sold this to my roomie!)

Etsy update!


Hey baby, what's your sign?

(Photos scanned by *Bianca* @ the fashion spot)

Oh man I've just GOTTA get my hands on the newest copy of RUSSH (aka my favorite magazine everrr.) I know they're officially back in the USA, but they always get here so late! The last one I found was issue #23/September, and that was right around Christmas.

Anyone who lives in New York seen #25/February?


Away Message

(Photos by marcinéma, ponyride, and coquinete on flickr. Not actually photos of my home, they just remind me of it.)

I'm visiting my Washington home for a few days and wont be back to New York til Saturday. So far I have: gathered some amazing old things (including a few for my etsy store! Stay tuned...), eaten my weight in Trader Joe's truffles, and become covered in cat hair. Heaven!


Brighton Bazaar

Took a walk from Coney Island down to Brighton Beach this afternoon and bought all sorts of wacky Russian edibles at the Bazaar.

If you ask me what the best time of year is, I will tell you: it's when Dag's in town.



Happy belated New Year everyone!

Photo courtesy of Ben Duchac.