Ooooh jeez...

These Mango sunglasses are EXACTLY what I've been looking for (thank you Steph, whoever you may be)! Raaawr! The only question remaining: how on earth can I justify the $40.00 pricetag on my less-than-$900/mo income? Any suggestions???

Speaking of finances...I just listed two pairs of shoes on eBay. These vintage Hush Puppies sandals

in the coolest of sorbet colors, they also happen to be 100% man-made, making them Vegan, for all o' you who take note of such things. Also these supa-hot suede wedges

Seriously hot shit. Both are size 8's (the sandals are 8N), making them just that much too big for me, but, perhaps, perfect for...you?



Shoe Update...

They came,

they fit,

they conquered.


Shoe update...

I got some new ones to day, hoooo boy!

Actually, I feel like they make my feet look kind of narrow, and they may or may not actually fit, buuut, when I found out they were on sale for $4.99 I couldn't refuse. They're vintage, by a brand called Cobbies, and in near mint condition, i.e. I would probably would have bought them just so I could gaze at them whenever I wanted to.

Also, eerm...ok, so I know I need to kick this habit, and bad, but I have two more pairs on their way from eBay.


were originally part of a lot that didn't sell, so I convinced the lady to sell just these to me. They have a little tiny heel. I just loved the cross strap. I payed a little more than I wanted to, but I was grateful to the seller for being flexible, so I kept mum.

Secondly, after discovering my lovely and amazing gladiator sandals didn't fit (meaning they will be up on my eBay next week), I was in need of something strappy. So,

these are next in line. Honestly, I wasn't 100% sure I wanted them when I put in a bid (I reeeaaallly need to stop doing that), but meh, I won them for real cheap, they might be cool, and they're by Gloria Vanderbilt, which also happens to be the same brand as my new favorite shoes. So, there's hope anyways. We'll see!

Finally, in addition to the gladiators, these suede wedges (better pictures coming soon!) and a pair of sherbert-colored vintage Hushpuppies sandals will be going up on eBay next week, so if you haven't added me to your favorite sellers yet...what're you waiting for?!


Obsession: Snakeskin

So, ever since being forced to return those snakeskin sandals from Urban, I've been wanting for some white python. There's something so simultaneously Old West rough-and-tumble yet extremely classy and luxuriant about it. Perfect matched with something frilly and summery. You wouldn't want to go overboard, and the idea of any large item of clothing in such a print (I think most of us have been hit on at least once by a sweaty dude in tight pants with gelled frosty hair and an earring sporting a polyester snakeskin button up or, shudder, a blazer with matching boots...) is pretty abhorent, but a single, tasteful accessory would be just the ticket.

This vintage 1930's luggage

from eBay is a dream, and a fair deal I feel, if you're not broke and willing to deal with figuring out how to pick it up. I imagine slouching on the biggest one by the side of some lonesome desert highway, with a cardboard sign reading "WEST" and bare, dusty toes. Oh! I think a whole novel could be written about those three heartbreaking pieces.This purse

is something of a consolation prize, and cheaper, but still too rich for my blood.
And, if I were an 8, I would be alll over

these babies. Curses.

Basically, a search for "vintage snakeskin" on eBay will yield some delightful hits, if you've got the time and paypal capital to spare. Sigh. My goal is to own one item in this stuff before the end of summer. Any suggestions? How do you feel about all this? Spill the beans, all the beans, I demand it!


Obsession: White, heart-shaped sunglasses...

So, summer seems to be nearly upon us, and I'm more than a bit in shock. It seems like just yesterday I was wearing tights and two pairs of socks and cursing the effects of rainwater on suede...but, it was 86 degrees today, and although I'm sure the rain will be back in a few days, there's no denying that it's May, and June is just around the corner.

With all that in mind, there are certain summer items that I feel need purchasing. Besides a new bathing suit (I got this top today, in burgundy/ivory plus matching bottoms, for FREE mind you, but I have something more along the lines of a vintage, flower-print one piece in mind...), I need some new sunglasses, and bad. I have always been somewhat fascinated by heart sunglasses. They're certainly iconic, and kitschy in a generally pleasant way, but red heart shaped glasses have always seemed like just a bit...too much. And especially after seeing this video...I'm kind of extra turned off. Which is how I came to settle on white instead.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across these photos on photographer Ashley Ording's myspace.

Needless to say, I was smitten. A short while later, I noticed these

from Moschino. Obviously, they are amazing. And thoroughly unattainable. These, however

are from Top Shop (as pictured on loveloveloveus' photostream) And I WANT them! Trouble is, they're not available on the website, and the only pair I could find on eBay are up to about US$80 (the exchange rate certainly isn't doing us any favors...) Nor can I seem to find any comparable styles anyplace. Oooh the frustration! I may have to settle, at least temporarily, with a pair of white knock-off wayfarers from Urban, but that will only hold me so long...

They will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine...


Shoe Update...

My vintage white woven wedge-heeled Bandolino's came in the mail on Friday, aaand...

they didn't fit, which is why I'll be listing them on my eBay this Tuesday night, along with some other vintage goodies. Let my defeat become your glory!

These, however, just arrived yesterday:

They fit, and I love them! Seriously, I haven't had a nice, simple pair of black flats that fit me in ages, and these are SHINY. Sweet. Also, these

and these

are on their way. Please, oh pleeeease let them fit! Only three of the last seven (yes, seven) pairs of shoes I've bought off ebay this year have fit. I need to up my success rate. Bad.


Don't fear the romper...

Ha ha ha. Ok. So, lately I've been seeing some pretty sweet one-pieces around internet way. Such as

as seen on softspoken's flickr, and

from ..it's.magic..

Which got me thinking. So, the other day, I bought this romper

I would like to point out that I actually work at American Apparel, which means I get 50% off most merchandise (it also means I am required to wear head to toe AA clothing every day I work, but that's another rant all together). Otherwise I wouldn't set foot in one of those places. But, since I do indeed set foot in one of those places about five days a week, and since Tri-Blend is basically one of god's greatest gifts to man, I had to go for it. You only live once, and I suspect that the painful hours I have spent inside the flourescently lit white box that is my place of work is beginning to shave off precious years of my life. This romper is soft and lovely and very very silly. On me, it looks like this:

That's cool and all, but I'm sure as hell not about to start strolling around town in this thing. Lounging around eating stale Easter candy and watching Kids in the Hall episodes on YouTube is one thing, but swinging by the ol' corner store for a gallon of milk is a whole 'nother ball park. Nuh-uh. So I decided to brainstorm a few viable outfit options using this thing. My first attempt was a bit tentative. Shoes were a necessity, as were some sort of cover-up. And so,

Still not exactly practical, but on the right track. I though about adding a skirt, as tucking tank tops into high waisted skirts has become a new pastime of mine. I tried

but I still wasn't satisfied. I've had a love-hate relationship with shorts for years, as in, I love the idea, but often hate the way they make my lower half look. But dark denim is so classic and, thankfully, dark, that I though I'd give my chopped off Levi's a try

I think this one's my favorite. Whether or not I'll be able to work up the courage to actually wear this outdoors (excluding my back yard, on a towel, eating string cheese and reading Lula magazine) remains to be seen. Baby steps, I say.


Release the Hounds!

Ok, new blog layout. It's kinda over the top, but it's Springy I guess and it'll have to do until I have the patience to find something better. So.

It's Spring all right. May is upon us. And I want sandals. I recently purchased these wonders:

off urbn.com, only to discover that they run about 2 sizes big. I knew they ran big, but not THAT big. So now I'm trying to decide if I should a) send them back, b) keep em and try and make them fit (yeah, right), or c) keep them till they sell out and put them up on eBay. Hrrmm. None of those choices really satisfy my need for Spring footwear. My feet are tired of being caged; they are restless!

I've been of the opinion for sometime that gladiator-style sandals are just a bit too silly/tacky for my taste. However,

these girls over at facehunter have been busy changing my mind. They look...pretty damn good. I'll have to go about this carefully, however. I still have a little bit of the fear.

Also, I used to have a pair of shoes like these lovely girls from Montreal are both wearing:

I guess they're some sort of huaraches, those Mexican sandals. I'm pretty sure we all got them at thrift stores. I wore mine to death last year, and now I yearn for a new pair. I noticed that Topshop has some similar styles(as well as some other wonderfulness but they're not really the same, and it's not as if I could afford the exchange rate anyways. Sigh. Ebay, you're my only friend.