etsy shoe show-down

When it comes to buying shoes on the internet, two things in particular make my life hard: 1) I have no money to buy shoes on the internet, and 2) I have yet to master the zen art of mentally morphing my feet larger or smaller at will. Bummerrrr.

Despite this handicap, there is nothing I enjoy more than spending precious prime Sunday evening homework hours looking at pretty vintage shoes online. So here, I offer you a mouthwatering (foot-watering?) selection of "shoes I would buy on etsy if they were my size and I had several dollars at my disposal."

Soooooooooooooo prrrrrreeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyy.

Top: wedge heeled oxford from Pretty Little World; Mezzanine (clockwise from top left): Ferragamo pumps from NSTYLEVINTAGE; spotted booties from ambrosia; vintage Candie's wedges from Vintage Revolver; suede platform ankle boots from Cookies & Creme; Bottom: stacked heel fringe pumps from new duds.



It's super duper windy today! I checked out a tripod from my school's film department for some Super8-involved school work this weekend. A happy side benefit is being able to take pictures outside without having to scrape together odd bits of trash and rubble to prop my camera on.

New booooots! From Flowerhead Vintage on etsy. I love them, you can't even see the awesome buckle detail on the outsides...don't worry, someday I will show you.

A new little bag. I think it's pony skin. Which is kind of gross, right? I don't know. I might have to sell it back. Eating cows and wearing leather is one thing... but, would I eat a pony? Is it even worth making such an arguably pointless distinction? Ah, 'tis a tangled web I weave.


squirrel food

Here I am! Look at me! See my dress? It's by Esprit! And yes, this is in my new room and, yes, I caved and painted my walls yellow. Again. After painting them mint green. And hating it. Siiiiiiiiigh. Anyways, it's all over now, and I'm working on putting the whole mess behind me by instead focusing my powers of frustration on re-assembling my awesome second hand IKEA craigslist bed. Which came complete with about 18 missing Swedish screws. So. Much. Fun.

On a lighter note, here are some of the best presents I have received from some of the very best givers of late:

My Technicolor Dream Moose Bag, a gift from Sweden.

The most amazing vintage bowtie, a gift from Sherbet Tone.

The most perfect acorn, a gift from a tree.

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Bountiful Harvest

Visiting upstate New York in the fall makes me feel like I've stepped into a Jane Wooster Scott painting.

Photos courtesy of beneffervescent.


Chez Grandma

(which is, in fact, the name of a gift shop I saw while trolling the main drag today in Woodstock, NY.)

Hi guys! The last few days have been something of an "apartment improvement" saga/nightmare/farce. Home Depot now not only owns my entire bank account, but also my first born child and one of my kidneys. But more on that later. At the moment, I'm hawkin' a rockin' pair of black leather granny oxfords over on ye olde eBay, size 7.5.

A girl's gotta pay for painter's tape somehow (and they tell me I really need that other kidney...)


Fake it till you make it...to Spring

Although recently the last vestiges of iced coffee weather have been clinging on for dear life, generally this time of year, it rapidly begins to become more and more of a struggle each day to convince myself that I like the cold and don't miss daylight. Layers smayers. Tights smights. So, while I ponder purchasing a SAD lamp here, as much for my own benefit as yours, are some pictures that make feeling chilly and sad all the time seem sort of ok.

Pictures from Facehunter and Foto Decadent, among many others whom I have, predictably, forgotten. If any of these images belong to you, and you would like me to take them down or credit you, PLEASE do not hesitate to say so! Otherwise I will feel like real asshole.


If that's movin' up then I'm you-know-what

Hi friends! No doubt two or three of you are wondering just where it is I've got off to. Well, I'll tell ya, I've been neither here nor there: I've been moving. Not out of New York, not even out of Brooklyn, just to a different hood. Everything is in complete chaos. This morning I was up East 93rd way buying a second hand IKEA bed frame from a British guy, and tonight I am boiling water in a sauce pan to make tea. But the new place is huge and amazing.

Now pretty much all I need to do is paint, and the place might finally start feeling like home. Perhaps one or two of those same two or three concerned souls may also be wondering––Ringo, how on earth do you follow up glorious yellow, nay, Citrus Zest walls? Two words: Mint Green. Or, more precisely, Parsnip, which any novice farmer will tell you are actually off-white. But hey, what the hell does Behr know anyways?