of flannel-lined pants

As you may know, I have a serious affection for my grey flouncy skirt from American Apparel (see below entry entitled "Ringo has entered the building". Yes, I pretty much lived in that thing for two whole weeks. Like buttah!)

So, while I was on vacation, and money seemed no object (ah, those wild and crazy days!), I went and bought another one, in green. I am on a pretty heavy rotation between the two at the moment, even though it is far too cold to be wearing anything but flannel-lined pants.

Yes, those are real, my mother owns two pair.


I left my heart in...

My favorite corner of the little box I sleep in.



I believe this what is referred to as, how you say? ah yes, my "durr" face. Heh, anyways, here I am, enjoying a tasty, raspberry infused Frambozen, and trying very hard to act natural.

In other news, I have chosen to insert a small Google add (not for Frambozen, surprisingly) on my page, as you may have noticed. Please let me know how you feel about this. I know these days we see advertising everywhere, to the point where it doesn't really phase us. But I hate to feel like I'm selling out, you know? That being said, I'm painfully strapped for cash, always. I may take it down if it starts to bug me. What do you think?


Who's that girl?

Well friends, here it is:

(give 'er a click to read the fine print)

I can't say enough great things about the people at BUST. Lisa Butterworth, the Associate Editor who interviewed me, is an absolute sweetheart, and I'm so happy with the way the article turned out! I only wish that 1) my bangs had behaved and 2) I had cracked at least a half smile, but hey, I'm not complaining...

Thanks BUST, you're the BEST!
:n )


The warmth of the sun

Sending out some warm feelings on an awfully cold, lonely day.


Ringo has entered the building

It's been a long time, now I'm...back and badder than ever! Ok ok, I wont flatter myself.

My vacation was really lovely. My only complaint is that it had to end, as far too many good things seem to have a tendency to do. Now it's time to knuckle down to a very many more months of cold and school and missing my friends and loved ones like the Dickens... Oh, and blogging too!

Here are a few odds and ends from my travels:

Late nights in my little attic room and digging through my old bins of clothing.

skulking around the compound, heh

a few of my favorite things

...and a happy ending, sort of.

I found a lot of wonderful things at some pretty wonderful prices, you shall see! Oh and yes, I'm in BUST! Thank you to everyone who has mentioned it already. I will put up a scan ASAP, but meanwhile, you can go pick up a copy/browse in the grocery line/take a Barnes & Noble break and scope me on page 35!


Dear Friends:

I am not dead, only hibernating!

I keep secretly hoping that by the time I get back to New York, spring will already have started. It's a long shot, I know...


Like the song says...

I'm going back home to the West Coast!!! I'm painfully excited. I'm well aware it will probably be rainy and grey and miserable, but it'll still beat the heck outta the city. And the thrifting! And the burritos!

I wont be able to post as much as I'd like for the next few weeks, but I'll try and keep up as best I can, and hopefully I'll have all sorts of goodies to show you when I get back. At any rate, I hope your 2008 starts off well. Cheers to that!


Happy New Year

and all that!