...and so does Gertrude Stein...

Recently, the amazing Alix over at The Cherry Blossom Girl did a post about some of her favorite looks for the summer. One of them centered around pretty white dresses and blouses just made for running around barefoot in a sunny clover field (never mind the grass stains!) While watching "I Love You, Alice B. Toklas" last night, I was struck by all the lovely, lacey white things that sun-kissed Nancy kept slipping into. Here are a few of my favorites:

I may be short a clover field or two, and with thunder grumbling outside my window, not exactly in for frolicking weather, but in any case, we'll call it inspiration for the not-so-distant future!


weekend update

My best friend from back home came to visit us last week. Dagmar is the coolest girl alive, and adventure has been in high supply: Corona chugging, fireworks over the Brooklyn Bridge, shady thrift stores, snacking on street produce, Indian food, Icelandic chocolate, moving sales, roof-wrasslin', Fleet Week!, dog packs, cherry pie, Found videos, Rock Rock Rockaway Beach, and copious napping. I wish she could stay with us forever!


oh jeez

As an astute anonoymous commenter recently pointed out, my dear friend Cassie and I, of Sweeetheart Fever fame, recently made an appearance on Style Sightings. Spot our hammy faces if you dare!



I have not one but TWO small articles in the current issue of BUST Magazine featuring Amy Sedaris on the cover. Here's one:

This book is so great, and they totally let me keep it! I'm convinced the authors must be two of the coolest ladies on earth, they are so spot-on and hilarious.

I was going to say that, in order to find the second article, you should go buy the issue (which, of course, you should! Hello "3 Women"-themed photo shoot!!!) but then I decided perhaps that wouldn't be fair for any international folks who are curious (I'm not entirely sure how widely it's distributed. Do they have BUST in your country?). So maybe I'll put it up a bit later. It's not quite as exciting, or related to fashion, but it is informative!


R.I.P. my littlest frenemy

Well guys, I've finally done it. After two, violent, tempestuous, love-hate (mostly hate) filled years, spanning several countries and a handful of states, I dropped my digital camera one time too many and it is now permanently frozen in a bizarre halfway on halfway off position, with barely enough strength to flash a "LENS ERROR" message. I'm not really sure what to do, since I'm waaay to broke to make another decent investment at this point, and from what I understand this is not an easy problem to fix. I'm thinking of just nabbing another Coolpix L4 off eBay, since, even though it's a piece of crap, I'm familiar with just HOW crappy, so there'll be no surprises...

Do you guys have any suggestions for another cheap-o model that'll get the job done and/or where to buy it? And I'm talkin' CHEAP! And FAST! A blogger without her digital camera is like...well, I could make a lot of analogies, but mostly it is just like "le suck"!


fun finds

Huge skirt (with pockets!) I have yet to work my sewing magic upon. I just love the fabric so so much!

Funny little cotton jacket. I actually saw this at the store about six months ago, I kid you not, and it was still there so, obviously, it was meant to be...

Oh, and check out the color of my new walls, and baaaathe in all that sweet natural light!



There is a painfully adorable epidemic sweeping Scandinavia! I am talking, of course, about the little navy blue cropped sailor jacket that's been showing up on every Swede/Finn/Norwegian (I'm sure though I don't have proof) in bloggerland. Looks like H&M has a hit!

I actually tried it on yesterday. It was funny, I only saw two of them in the whole store (Herald Square, on a Saturday afternoon, agh what was I thinking?), slung over separate racks, one in size 12 and one in size 2 which, I'm pretty sure, was probably the last available size 2 in New York, if not the entire western world. I tried the 2, and it's true, I could imagine a beautiful future with that little fella. But worth the pricetag? I have my doubts. Maybe (definitely) I'm just a cheap skate but, hey, at least I'll have plenty of opportunity to live vicariously through these lovely ladies!

Photos from: The Moderniteter, Lisa Place, It's Vintage, Darling!, and Only Shallow


The last thing on EARTH I need...

...is another tote bag. But duuudes, I need this tote bag!



Everything's coming up in shades of gold and saffron these days, which is a good thing, since the weather is coming up mostly gray. First of all, the beautiful Sherbet Tone sent me a ruffly blouse that I can't wait to wear tucked into a kickass pair of denim shorts (get the hint, clouds?).

The next day I nearly peed myself (which, though decidedly inappropriate, would certainly have fitted nicely into the general color scheme) when I found this sunny little vest and scarf at a surprisingly fair-priced second hand store in the City. The prettiest little violas I bought at the Farmer's Market last week are blooming on our stoop, and finally, by the time I move into a new room next week (with a real window I CAN OPEN!), my walls will be a lovely shade of Citrus Zest. Quite rightly. (I know I know, I ALMOST held out on the "Mellow Yellow" references. Almost.)


This little ball of cuteoverload has been keeping my busy for the last couple of days. Oliver is an East Village pup, but every once in a while he comes to stay with me and go slummin' in the hood, just to keep up his street cred. He enjoys staring at things with his big googley eyeballs and refusing to walk more than five feet at a time in any one direction, especially when it's raining out.