tear drops will fall


Dress: secondhand
Boots: Vintage Dingo brand
Bag: L.L.Bean Signature

I'll admit, I've been fighting off a pretty wretched case of post-vacation blues these last few days. It's just so hard knowing that I wont be able to visit home again until around Christmas (hopefully) which means many months of no cabin, no best friend, no cats/birds/sheep, no family and no farm. And it'll be a whole year until I can make up for all the warm weather things I somehow failed to do this summer (Swimming! Kite flying! Skim boarding! Rollerskating in empty parking lots!) All this exacerbated by finding out that I lost about a third of the film photos I took, mostly of Dag and her sweet cat Zowie and her beautiful home...SOB!


ANYWAYS, today I forced myself to put on my brightest dress (handmade in India! It was a diaphanous One-Size-Fits-None until I took it in quite a bit) and get busy running errands. I ended the day with a nice set-down in the little park near our apartment, trying to remind myself that all of NYC isn't concrete and grime and sirens and dudes who sit next to you in Barnes & Noble and make weird/awful snuffling noises every twenty seconds until you wanna punch them in the head...


Also, I'll admit, this is basically the exact same thing I wore last week while sipping tea and eating mini red velvet cupcakes at the Rebecca Minkoff headquarters. The designer and her team were sweet enough to invite a few bloggers around to have a look at all their gorgeous shoes and bags. The colors! The textures (namely: BUTTAH.) The things that handbag dreams are made of...


latest imports

strawberry knobs

fishbone comb

tiny tea cup

blurry goya

Just a few of the pretty things I collected for next to nothing over my four weeks back home: heavy brass drawer pulls shaped like strawberries/a red plastic fishbone comb (thanks Dag!!)/the tiniest little tea cup and saucer--I should have put something in there for scale, it's barely two inches tall!/a wee fifty cent print of my favorite Goya painting.


Plants & Animals

I feel like I've seen these amazing images floating around the internet for some time now, but I had no clue as to their provenance until last night when Alex pointed me towards this tumblr. Stephen Eichhorn is the artist responsible for these amazing, hand-cut collages and, while the cat-and-flower variety are clearly my favorites, these are really just the tip of the iceberg!

I'm in absolute awe of Eichhorn's meticulous process. I think a lot of us probably went through a "collage phase" when we were younger (for me, it was in high school), and it's a pastime that's all too easily dismissed to the walls of sticky pink teenage boudoirs and trapper keepers, but works like these really force a reconsideration of the genre. It makes me want to bust out my old National Geographics and get pasty with it like it's 1999 all over again.

P.S. Please don't repost these images without properly crediting Stephen Eichhorn. Thanks! :n )




I feel like I've been in a holding pattern for the last few days: waiting for Alex to get back from tour, waiting for the weather to clear, waiting for my photos to be developed, waiting to figure out my next move. The apartment is quiet, my mind is heavy. To pass the time, among other things, I've been admiring this page I tore out of an old issue of Elle Decor back home (don't mind the wrinkles, sorry!) This room! The colors, the textures, the pile of faded blue jeans, the bouquet of white anemones...


Remember when Domino had that regular feature where they'd take an amazing outfit and turn it into a clever decorating scheme? Well, I suppose I did the opposite here. Blue jeans and camel suede and geranium nails and a scarf awash in tiny stars...it's possible you'd have to be Hanneli to actually pull it all off, but dammit, a girl can dream!


cabin fever




I had grand plans for taking all sorts of photos today, of outfits and treasures hauled back across the country, but it's been so dark and gloomy all day that my best efforts were foiled. So instead, here's a few shots that Dag took of her beautiful little cabin, my home base for much of my time out West (clearly, before I arrived and threw my crap all over the place--although, it's gotten even better since!)

Dag is an avid collector of all things amazing, and I wish I could have taken a million detail photographs of all her little corners and displays--but it's so dark in there all day, being under the trees and with no sky lights. She jokes sometimes about venturing into hoarder territory, but I prefer to think of it as controlled clutter. Plus, what hoarder you know has taste this good???


fly fowl

Roosters roosting



Dagmar is a lady AND an expert chicken wrangler.

I'm back in New York tonight, and missing this face (and this pack of jungle fowl) like nothing else. Somehow it only gets harder and harder every time I have to leave after a visit. I've always gotten horribly homesick, even when I was a little kid, even when we'd only be a few miles from home. I wish I could outgrow it, but I fear I never will. I've got that ache-y, break-y feeling. You know the one.


messing about in boats







A few shots that Dag took during our overnight boating/camping trip to Patos, a small outer island (even smaller than the one I grew up on!) We slept out under the stars to look for meteors, hiked to my favorite little cove, and tooled around a bit in the bright sunshine on the blue, blue sea. I'm headed back to New York tomorrow, and even though I've been out here for four weeks, it feels like the blink of an eye. Where do the days go??? I miss home already.


under the eaves

mom's roses

starry night


Francoise, Twiggy, Edie

years and years worth

Here's a few of my favorite corners from my dusty little room here on the Island (and for such a small space, it's got an awful lot of corners--and dust!) Thankfully, my parents have been kind enough to allow my various bits of detritus to accumulate untouched up here over the years, mostly on the walls as you can see!

Sidenote: I just finished reading Just Kids by Patti Smith, and I was completely blown away. It's honestly the most amazing, touching, exciting, and sweetly sad story I've read in ages and ages, and so incredibly well written. It's made me, me, almost excited to get back to New York--if only to spend a day tracing a walking tour of Patti and Robert's former haunts.




As stoked as I am to be drifting off to sleep in my childhood bed, underneath the eaves of a little farm house in the middle of a big forest on a tiny island...tonight, I miss my FADER friends. Just look at these goons! Don't you just wanna put them in your pocket and take them home and just, you know, hang out or whatever?? This shot accompanied Schnipper's genius Itemized post a couple weeks ago. Favorite family photo ever?


Sunshine Superman




Just checking in lightning fast from my "office", aka the back seat of my car, where I'm able to nab some hippy's wifi signal floating around out here in the forest. We made a flower crown for a friend's birthday last week, while we hung out and read Fudge and Norwegian Folktales. Can't believe I've been here almost two weeks already and, more importantly, that I only have two more left...