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So what do these things have to do with each other? Well, I'll tell you. Maybe you remember my hinting at a big, post-grad, cross-equatorial vacation hovering on my horizon? Here's the whole truth: I'm going to be accompanying the Pains of Being Pure at Heart on their upcoming, month long, season swapping Japan/Australia/New Zealand tour!

So now, I have two things to ask of you. First, here's a list of the cities we'll be in:







I'd love any suggestions of thrift shops, vintage markets, boutiques, used bookshops, and any other places I ought to poke my nose in, especially ones that are in easy traveling/walking distance from the venues the Pains will be playing (more info on their myspace!) Leave a comment or shoot me an email if you like, st_veridian@hotmail.com.

Second, if you are planning on attending any of the shows, please come say hello!! If you feel a little weird yelling "Hey Ringo!" across a crowded hall, my real name is Siri, and please don't be shy--I'd love to meet every last one of you :n )


hannah said...

omg i'm so jealous!!! youre going to have an amazing time. i've only been to tokyo out of that list, so i'll keep it brief- yoyogi park has flea markets on sunday mornings. harajuku has a million vintage shops. have fun!

Elise said...

So excellent! I've been reading your blog for aeons but never commented, but I had to weigh in on this one - in Melbourne you must visit Retrostar in the city for excellent vintage (http://www.retrostar.com.au/home.html) and if you get a chance the Chapel St Bazaar is also well worth a visit for clothes and all sorts of ephemera, though it's not so close to where you will be. Brunswick St and Smith Sts (parallel to one another, north of the city) are full of hipsters and vintage shops and boutiques and everything good. And please go to a cafe called Green on Sydney Rd and have a breakfast stack. It's kind of like heaven. Have an amazing trip!

AAAAA said...

check out threethousand.com.au for a nice and comprehensive guide to melbourne

there are guides for sydney, etc too

Lucy in the Sky said...

I love your name!! do you by any chance listen to The Beatles? It would kind of make sense haha (the name of your blog, the fact that the name of this post is a Beatles song title...). Never been to any of those cities but I hope you have tons of fun!!!!

Jasmine said...

Sounds like a great trip! In Brisbane there are a few great vintage stores on latrobe terrace in Paddington - 'retrometro' and 'the spare room'. If you are there make sure you stop into Anouk for breakfast it is the best!

West end is also a cool area and there is a vintage place a bit out of the way called 'box vintage'. Also plenty of cute boutiques featuring local designers.

There are weekend markets in the valley (near the zoo where the band is playing) with a mixture of new and 2nd hand stuff.

Have a ball!

Perfectly Placed Pauline said...

As with the above Melbournian, have read for a long time, but never commented. But you're visiting Melbourne, and it's exciting. You love magazines, so I recommend our excellent magazine plus coffee shop Magnation. You'll find a generous stock of your fave Aus magazines and 2-4-1 Frankie deals sometimes (combining previous months issues). Brunswick is just a few minutes outside the city and is a really great location for you. The Savers ("the recycle superstore") in that vicinity is really good. And just a few steps away are all the other second hand shops..like the Salvation Army. Oh do enjoy yourself when you're here, the weather is wonderful :)

Laura said...

I was already annoyed that I have to miss The Pains of Being Pure at Heart when they come to Melbourne (I'm going to Vietnam for a few weeks), but now I'm REALLY upset as now I won't get to meet you! Melbourne is a great city but it's quite spread out, you should start at Smith st in Fitzroy, the Lost and Found market there is huge and wonderful for vintage stuff. Gertrude st has great vintage dress shops but they are definitely on the exy side. 'Shag' on Brunswick st has great vintage too, and nearby is a nice second-hand bookshop (I forget the name but it's on the same side of the street as Shag). The city's CBD looks boring at the outset but head into the alley ways between Flinders st, Burke st, Swanston st and Elizabeth st for more interesting stuff. Near where the Pains are playing is a great bar called The Alderman (Lygon St), though it's very quiet (would be good if it's just you and the boy). If you want to go a bit crazier head to Yah Yahs on Smith St or The Toff In Town in the city. Not sure how they'll compare to NYC however! Have fun and post lots of photos!

kad the mad said...

oh lord, youre so lucky!! not only are you traveling with an incredibly awesome band, but also you are visiting amazing cities. so jealous:(
life is unfair... but i wish you all the best, enjoy this great opportunity!!

Karelle said...

If you go to Brisbane you may as well visit the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast! There's a fantastic used bookshop in Broadbeach there :)

Caitlin said...

hollllly shit! that is so amazing!!! i wish i had someplace to suggest in any of those places but I am still dreaming of getting there someday... I know actually a store in Tokyo called "Deuxieme Classe" and also "L'Appartment" that I know are really nice, but yep...never been. I hope you bring back some gorgeous things & magazines!

ps. pathetic side note - i think i saw you on the train once but i wasnt 100 percent sure & also filled with awkwardness...i wont do that again :[

Lucy said...

I'm representing for Auckland, tis ma Home Town, yays. I'd say..... Karangahape Rd is a sure bet (for little cafes and vintage shops)- don't be fooled by the dodgy/prostitutey end of it, the better end is nearer the top Queen Street. and if you have time i'd say catch some sun in the Domain, or go for a walk along Mission Bay and eat ice-cream. yay for southern hemisphere summertime!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Aaaah thank you all so much!!! And thank you to those who have been emailing me, I promise to reply with a proper thanks asap. I'm so excited for this trip it's almost too much for my brain to handle...

Lucy: I used to be absolutely obsessed with Beatles, growing up and into high school. These days I'm not so head-over-heels but I will always love them. And yes, Ringo is my favorite ;n )

Also, I totally forgot the have Savers in Austral1a! We have them on the West Coast here as well, though they're called Value Village over there.

lkfeely said...

Wow! That is so exciting. Those are two countries I have never been to, but really want to go to! I'm so jealous, but I can't wait to see what I'm sure will be some amazing photos.

Also, read your blog all the time, and would love it if you stopped by my new blog: http://pawsonmyface.blogsppt.com


Gabrielle said...

In Brisbane you must go to the Woolloongabba Antique Centre, the woman who I have always bought my vintage off goes by the name of Miss Posh Poodle, and she had relocated to a space in the antique centre. Fantastic high quality 20's - 60's dresses, hats, shoes etc. http://www.facebook.com/#/profile.php?id=100000183950594&ref=ts

Im from Brisbane mysef but just relocated to Melbourne, and down here I would definitly recommend Circa Vintage on Gertrude St in Fitzroy (runs between Brunswick & Smith).

And for a vintage wonderland go to Retro Star in the city and ask for my friend Shay, she'll show you the best of the best!

Have fun!

Hannah JV said...

Hey ya, I'm from Auckland.

The best shopping district for vintage and boutique wares is Karangahape Road ("K Road") in the central city. For vintage clothes, make sure you visit Fast and Loose, The Paper Bag Princess, This Is Not A Love Shop and Peachy Keen. Fast and Loose is situated in St Kevin's Arcade, which is home to a number of wondrous little boutiques also. Foodage on K Road is great too - Alleluya and Revel are scrumptious.

If you head around to Ponsonby Road, you'll find a number of boutiques (and another fantastic vintage store called Tatty's). Much further along from all the clothes is a great second hand book store called Classics and Suchlike Books (www.ponsonbybooks.co.nz).

Hannah JV said...

Oh, and Wellington! Wellington is a lovely place.

My favourites are:

Frutti - Cuba Street - home to Devol Clothing: www.devolclothing.com

Swonderful - 95 Victoria Street - home to the lovely Ginny and some stunning stock! http://www.swonderfulshop.blogspot.com/

Hunters and Collectors - Cuba Street - a stunning range of vintage clothing, jewellery and furniture.

And if you're a coffee lover, make sure you try a People's Coffee when you're there. Locally made, organic deliciousness!

corrie said...

holy shit, that is amazing. i have absolutely no advice as i've never left the country (not proud of this!) but wow, ENJOY!

cynthia said...

ohhh my goodness! that sounds like the trip of a lifetime. super jealous! you will have a blast. have fun! it will not be hard to find some amazing shopping in japan.

Sarah Jane said...

That is fantastic! I actually bought tickets to The Pains second show at The East Brunswick Club in Melbourne a while ago! They sold out quick! Can't wait! Exciting that you will be there too! Hopefully i won't be feeling too shy to say g'day!

Oh and like Laura said you must check out the Lost and Found market!!! It is like Beacons Closet but Huge and with retro homewares! & Shaphere which is also on Smith Street which stock an awesome selection of vintage clothes and shoes/boots.

and you guys MUST have a meal at the Napier (on Napeir Street) in Fitzroy! Fitzroy is the suburb next to Brunswick.

Hope that gives you a few ideas! Hoorah!!!

MissKellie said...

Oh my god, I LOVE The Pains!!! :D You're so lucky, have an amazing time! I can't wait to read about all your adventures! :D


shayda said...

if you're in melbourne, you should definitely check out a huge store called Episode! it's in brunswick, down sydney road, very close to savers :)
it's half vintage, half normal.. it's really groovy :')
every place that Elise mentioned is an absolute must, especially retrostar!! melboure is so so fun, you'll have a blast :D

Anonymous said...

how exciting! have so much fun! cant wait to read about it.

Anonymous said...

wow, what an amazing trip you have in store!! you lucky thing :D


Aimée said...

sooooo jealous!
Enjoy girl

Bobby's Girl said...

this is not fashion related, but if you do go to sydney rd in melbourne, you HAVE TO has a lebanese pastry from Balha's. It is so good~!! you can go there after you've trekked through savers :)

jennifer said...

I went to Tokyo in November and used thisisnaive.com as a travel guide. her spots were perfect from shopping to dining!

Anonymous said...

There is a fantastic shop in Tokyo called Hanjiro, and it's in Shinjuku :n)

Love_Again said...

So exciting! I have lived half my life in Sydney and half in Melbourne. It looks like you have lots of suggestions for Melbourne already. I'll check out where the band is playing in Sydney and send you some ideas. It's a beautiful city. You'll have a ball.

Georgia said...

Oh wow, you are going to have an amazing trip!
I am a sydney sider and you absolutely must go to Newtown. It is a suburb close to sydney city and it has the best vintage/secondhand/designer shopping strip. As well as great cheap restaurants. YOU WILL LOVE IT. So its King street, Newtown. I strongly suggest you pop into 'Cream on King'. Its real good!
Also, if you are going to the beach, ditch Bondi and head for Nielsen Park, it is gorgeous!
And if you feel like being touristy, go for a walk along Circular Quay up to the Opera House and through the botanical gardens for a picnic :)
I love sydney, and I am sure you will to!
In tokyo, go to Harajuku, for the harajuku girls and shopping. There are some MASSIVE second hand clothes shops through there.
Have an amazing trip and I cant wait to read all about it!


Delphine said...

wow, lucky you! I've only been to tokyo and osaka in your amazing list, and I guess my recommendations are not the most original, but you should obviously spend time in harajuku (especially "cat street", you should find it in guides) and in the small streets between omotesando and harajuku, i found a wonderful vintage store there, though i haven't kept the address (and i can tell you it would be useless in tokyo where orientation is so weird!). And just to please your eyes, you have to go to Laforêt, it truly is amazing! As for Osaka, I didn't find the shopping that great there, but you need to go to dotonbori (and have the strange octopus balls and play at the game arcades) and stroll along the covered streets, at any time of the day.
Enjoy your stay, japan is so amazing, it will blow your mind!

Canvas Photos said...

I melt when I see Abbey Lee!

Elizabeth. said...

Come to Hobart!

kelly-inkagoshima said...

Hello there, I'm Kelly, a friend of Cassie and Rachel's from Santa Cruz but I don't think we ever met. I found you through their blogs and I have been living in Japan for the last year an a half so I thought I'd put in my two cents!

Yes, go to Harajuku and get lost in all of the windy streets and as far as malls go, La Foret is pretty rad (it usually has art shows and it's fun to peruse the Chloe, etc.) and has some sweet Japanese fashion to offer as well as Topshop offerings. Harajuku and Omotesando are just really fun places to let yourself and your eyes wander. If you are in for some cultural explorations, Meiji Jingu (Shrine) is right there across from the Harajuku tram stop. Also, I really recommend checking out Asakusa - it is a neat neighborhood and has one of the coolest shrines.

I don't want to sound like a complete downer but Japan is NOT a place to score on great vintage finds (unless you mean vintage Gucci and you are paying for it through the teeth). Japan is a place where this season's brand name item is of the utmost import and there isn't a whole lot of emphasis on recycling clothing. Check out the "vintage" stores in Harajuku for fun, but don't expect anything (they're kind of a similar experience to going to a "vintage/thrift" store in Soho... ha in that there is nothing too thrifty about them. Ok, but maybe you'll luck out, this game is all hit or miss.

Have fun in Japan and try everything! Some things might seem strange, but the food here is really incredible and so so varied. Tokyo, Osaka and even Fukuoka are HUGE cities and the people watching is great and the public transportation is a dream. Ahem, I have a blog: kelly-inkagoshima.blogspot.com that might offer some Japan related tales of interest...

Sorry to be so long winded, safe travels!

Louise said...

Hey! I usually read and don't comment but I saw this in the Guardian recently and it looks pretty interesting:


Melbourne looks amazing! Have a brilliant time!

Juliet said...

Oh how exciting for you!
Bacco Room (where they are playing in Auckland) is pretty close to the central city...like a ten minute walk to Karangahape Rd which a few people have already mentioned.
St Kevins arcade is pretty awesome, and the K Rd area around it. In the arcade, you have Fast and Loose (I think you have a post with the Russh article about the woman who owns it and her awesome home?), and also another vintage store called Vixen. There are a few boutiques with young designers, and Children of Vision who sell Bernard Wilhelm, Romance Was Born and a whole lot of other designers. Theres also a shop that sells $5 and $10 "vintage" which is about as cheap as you are going to get in the central city, and a really lovely cafe called Alelujah, you can sit at the end of the arcade and look out over Myers park and see the Sky Tower etc... (theres also my house, I live in a flat in the arcade!)
There are a few more vintage stores around, if you walk down K Rd you will stumble upon them. A new one has just opened up in Cross St, which is the road that runs parallel to K Rd, I haven't been there yet but prob will this weekend to check it out as it looks really lovely on their facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tiny-Space)
If you want cheap eats around the K Rd area, Renkon is a cheap japanese chain, or Handmade Burger makes yum burgers (sometimes a bit heavy on the mustard tho!) and is in a BEAUTIFUL building.
You can head down Queen St a little bit past all the cheap asian food places and check out Real Groovy which is a big independant music store, its pretty cool in there and almost impossible to leave without buying something.
You might also wanna check out some kiwi chain stores...If so, Queen St is the main shopping street in the city. None of them are very exciting but might work out kinda cheaper for you...and we are kind of in limbo between being a summer season behind northern hemisphere and being a season in front. Glassons have quite a huge range and you can check them out online, and Cotton On (is actually australian) has some interesting pieces. Also Wild Pair sometimes has good and reasonable priced shoes.
If you wander down Queen St, you can jump up a st and hit the High St area which has a few New Zealand designers...Kate Sylvester, Zambesi, Karen Walker, etc.
WOAH this is long. I have to go get ready for Friday night whoop!

ps if you have any questions, email me ( hello.julz at gmail dot com )

Lizzy said...

How exciting that you're coming! The sydney show is the day before my birthday so i've been trying to convince my friends to go for a while now, hopefully i'll be able to talk them into it!
As for good shops in sydney. I cant think of anything more than what has allready been said but i definately agree on newtown.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Man you guys all rule so hard! Thank you so so so much yet again for all the advice :n D

Zoe said...

I have nothing to add only WOW! I love those guys!! And your awesome self of course! Living the 70s roadie lifestyle I see... except with more heels, or less?

Mayra said...

wow you are gonna have so much fun:) I wish the band came to south america and play on my basement just for me and my friends :D