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Round one of photos from my trip home in July and August, taken with a Canon AE-1 Program on Western Family brand film (heh!) There's a few more on my flickr as well :n )

I had forgotten, as I always do, how much the start of autumn in New York feels like summertime in the islands--simultaneously making me happy and (even more) homesick.


Sharon said...

Beautiful, these make me want holidays+outdoor air so badly.

Sharon x


Luna : said...

wow what a beautiful collection of summer shots!!

Food, flora and felines said...

So beauiful! I really must visit New York sometime. I love how so many bloggers are posting their holiday and trip home snaps these days it's so lovely to catch a glimpse of such magical times in other peoples lives :)

ana said...

Aha I used my AE-1 Program on my holidays too! Your photos are a lot better than mine though: http://ripped-knees.blogspot.com/2010/08/5-days-of-summer.html It's such a wonderful camera to use

b. said...

Lovely pictures ! They are just perfect to celebrate the end of summer !

corrie said...

really gorgeous. i can't believe this is what your home life looks like, so enviable! i think you've convinced me i need to bust out all of my old film cameras. a degree in fine arts is wasted on clicking around in photoshop all day.

sarah said...

they're enchanting photos, i can't stop looking.
i want to go to there...

Tilly said...

These are so beautiful! I like the mice in there especially! Me and my boyfriend found a little mousy in our flat yesterday and I really wanted to keep it ha ha!

You have a great eye for photos! :) xxx

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Aw thanks everyone!! I do love my AE-1...although, I do NOT love that it failed to catch the film at all during the last roll I shot at home, something I didn't discover until I was back in Brooklyn and had taken 24 amazing, incredible, imaginary photos. But, I comfort myself with the knowledge that this kind of risk is part of what makes analog photography so much more exciting and worth it in the long run...plus it was probably totally my fault in the end anyways!

Jenifer said...

your pictures are so amazing and gave me so much inspiration *-*

Kseniya said...

your pictures are so beautiful! I love it! X

kenseycrane said...

oh my goodness, you have such a lovely eye for photos!!