en mi apartamento



Apartamento is one of those magazines my boyfriend and I are always almost buying, but at the last minute balking at the $20.00 price tag. I mean, I know it's good, but I always have a hard time convincing myself it's that good.

Apparently, however I seem to have overlooked the fact that there is a story in the current issue featuring Chloë Sevigny, possibly in her own apartment right here in New York City? That's not just good...that's muy bueno!!

(photos from Le Marais on flickr and apartamentomagazine.com)


Isabel said...

Your Chloe enthusiasm is contagious.

Suzy said...

holy WOW, how did i miss this post? i've been rounding up ideas for my next apartment, scrounging about the 'net for sure-fire prettiness that will keep me from getting depressed the instant i realize i am all alone in a new city, and FLORAL WITH WILD ANIMAL PILLOWS has just blown all other inspiration out of the water. with a metal bedframe that reminds me of the tacky gold one i had as a kid? sweet jeebus.