wear my love like heaven

leopard lined


It was so wet and grey outside today, it made me want to put on my boldest and brightest outfit, just to freak the weatherman's mind. The second I got home and peeled off my big black peacoat of doom, I threw on a peachy pink top, yellow cardigan and denim short shorts (it's quite warm in our little basement), and now I am sipping tea and eating bright red and orange macaroons. Suck it, Fall!!

(photos from various magazines, neon.tambourine, and AltamiraNYC, click for sources)


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more!
We need some color!

tastes like disco said...

Dont like it either when the people start wearing only black and grey once autumn comes. And they all look so very much the same! I find that quite boring.
Thats why I love my bright red shoes. And my feet love them as well! Incredibly warm. =)

Beth Ruby said...

Absolutely stunning photos!
They have brightened up my boring Sunday afternoon :)

E-BAD said...

It was SO grey! But spring again today

Colleen said...

Haha I love your attitude. I don't believe in changing the colors you wear depending on the seasons...I went out last night in a hot pink dress and it was fierce. That top picture is GRAND.

silk said...

I love this post, very pretty colour combinations!

Anna Marie said...

oh i luuuv that first photo, especially the bright blue chanel bag ;)
thanks for the colors, living in seattle i think i am seriously deficient.

Lydia said...

I miss color, you've reminded me to bring it back. I really like every single picture!