the ones that got away







As someone who is both an avid stalker of Etsy AND avidly unemployed, I've amassed quite a collection of items that I couldn't manage to justify purchasing over the last few months, but also can't quite bare to delete off my favorites page now that they're sold. A little bit of e-commerce masochism, I guess.

Unsurprisingly, pretty much all of them seem to involve a platform. This is because my fantasy life involves my living in a world where I can one, afford to buy wildly impractical vintage shoes off the internet, and two, manage to walk around all day in said shoes without falling on my face or giving a rat's ass if people think I'm insane.

Do you guys do this to yourself too? What's the item you most regret letting get away? Haha, and sorry if this is dredging up some bad memories...

(images via Fox Farm Vintage, Peacock Feet, Vintage Shoe Love, Regal Vintage, Vim & Vigor, and Golden Old Rags)


Juliette said...

Yeah, I can definitely relate. I think we all know the feeling.
I once saw this awesome cobalt blue 80's sweater at a thrift store. I was so close to buying it but my dad told me that it was too "out there" and I didn't get it.
I regret it now :(

-Juliette from WhereForArtThouRomeo

Lillian said...

Lets get some shoes!

those are LOVELY!

Lis-x- said...

Oh yes, I can certainly relate. Ebay creates so many of these memories!

I love the first and last pair of shoes! But don't worry, you'll find nicer pairs soon. =D

Lis xXx

hurricanedreamer said...

Oh, I was sad about the last one pair too - and they wouldn't fit me all the same.

And the item I most regret:


pepper said...

Hey Ringo!
Have you seen this?


Ally said...

ohhh I know this feeling too! There are far too many things I regret not buying/winning on both etsy and ebay. If I had to pick the ones I regret most it would be a YSL grey fedora-style hat with black ribbon on etsy and on ebay a Tao for CDG pale blue knitted corset that I forgot to bid on. Oh the pain, I will never forget those loves I never had

Doo . said...

I really love the last one !

Bye !


EleanorRose said...

oooh, i love the last pair!


the exhausted etiquette (kirstine) said...

oh lordy I have sooo many

this one very recent. I asked the girl if I could see a
photo of them on and in the mean time they were bought up!
...I should have just purchased them on the spot!


and these:



ok that's enough pain for me...


Camille said...

This will sound a bit strange, but I really regret letting go away those beige cut-out booties you were selling a few days ago... And they were exactly my size! My search continues!

Lucy said...

argh this is so true for me too! my etsy favourites are littered with awesome things that are either sold, too big for me, or way too expensive.

But in a way its nice to know that these insanely good things are out there, in the ether, so maybe one day I'll come across them/it and we can finally be together if the timing is right! hahaha

Clare said...

They are all rather lovely! I have a pair pretty much exactly the same as the last ones, except brown, they were really cheap!

tweet tweet tweet


Millineries said...

I bought the last pair! Definitely couldn't afford them...

Megan said...

The last pair are amazing! The perfect shape, but of course there will be others soon to come.

Anonymous said...

yes.. i keep think in favorite list just thinking and hoping i will purchase it all. then, when i do have the means to make a purchase, it takes me forever to make a decision and usually the final outcome is something that was not on my list to begin with! ha! however, i am starting to "purge" a little, consolidate my look and make wise purchases, which is becoming increasingly difficult!


Lexie said...


i just missed out on one anja/clever nettle's adorable dresses because of buyer hesitance ... ugh! even after reading this post!

Zoe said...

I completely understand, I tend to save them so in future when I come into my imagined inheritance, I will find items that come close to perfect.

Love the first pair!

corrie said...

I found some great 70's platforms at Beacon's last summer (similar to that 3rd pair up there), and have still yet to wear them because 1) I am clumsy and 2) my ankles are so, so weak. But if every sidewalk in NYC was flat and I never had to use the the stairs, I'd be in sky high platforms on a daily basis.

Lucy said...

man i can relate 5 pages of my ebay watching items are things that im either horribly sore about not winning or were too expensive to ever justify buying

the two black pairs are something i would of snapped up!