mi casita

We're moving into a new place on Wednesday...well, actually, we've been moving for a couple days now, but we don't officially take up residence until the 1st. I've been collecting up photos of places I might like to live, rooms with dusty colors and tall windows and dark wood and lots and lots of bookshelves. You know, something to focus on every time I start to get tempted by yet another second-hand IKEA couch off craigslist...








RUSSH Interiors






A lot of these have been sitting on my computer for so long, I'm afraid I have no idea where they came from. Many of them, however, I found via ooh_food's flickr stream. There's over 700 photos in their amazing home inspiration collection, so safe to say, there's something for everyone!


Harriet said...

some of these are from RUSSH's excellent 'Interiors' section. I love the 4th photo down!

Clare said...

I love looking at other peoples houses... Good luck with the move!

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Astrid said...

Omg, love the last photo. I want a tree in my bedroom.

Hat said...

I did a post similar to this! I'm obsessed with photographs of beautiful rooms/houses- they're like porn to me! haha.



Hat said...

..okay that link didn't work- but you get the idea! haha

Misanthropic Pulp said...

Love the pictures, the more chaotic the apartment, the lovelier the stay!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous pictures! i have a few of these saved as well. please post photos of the new place when you are all settled :) where are you moving to?

cynthia said...

that last photo is wonderful! i would love to have a large tree in my apartment or room, but boyfriend would not allow such whimsy. i'd love to see your photos when you are all settled in!

TheMinx said...

ahh I love these! Especially the last photo (the tree!!) and the one with the candles in the fireplace, so beautiful.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Yes, the last is the best right?? I love houses and cabins that use beams and pieces of wood that are still at least partially in their natural state.

Hat: Ooh I love that post! The photo with the gypsy caravan and all the candles in amazing, my dream is to have a place with a backyard someday where I can park something like that, to laze around in on summer days/nights.

madeline: We're actually just moving a few blocks away from where we are now, a stop or two down the tracks. Nothing earth shattering, but a LOT more space. I can't wait to have enough natural light in my home to actually be able to post personal photos again!!

Anonymous said...

Truly gorgeous picks! I wish I was discerning enough to comb through pictures and find things I like--when I move, I want everything unpacked and put together pronto!

Good luck moving :)

Every Little Counts said...

those are all amazing! you've inspired me to do some redecorating.

Suzy said...


I'm so excited for you! You did it! You survived! Easy street, here you come!

These photos are all amazing. I don't know if you've seen my profile pic on facebook lately, but I've become obsessed with finding ferocious animal-faced throw pillows ala chloe. so far, so expensive...

And I think I forgot to tell you I'm moving to Boston, btw. In May. Long story. All that advice you doled out was not entirely in vain, though, as I am still most definitely flying by the seat of my pants.

p.s. do you know what those hanging plants in the second photo are called?

Camille said...

Ohh you should have a look at this blog called Ensuite (if you don't already know it)! It's about spaces, houses and the mess that makes them charming: http://ensuiteblog.blogspot.com/

mareike said...

beautiful pictures.
it´s always so exiting to move into a new place (and tiring, as well...)
my favourite interior inspiration at the moment is the appartement of emma francois, designer of sessun in marseille.
i scanned the photos from elle deco uk last year and posted them in my blog, if you would like to have a look...beautiful, sunny, french vintage interior.

bee said...

These are great. Love the Russh tear sheets in particular! Wouldn't it be great if Russh would do a whole interiors mag? I would love it. I hadn't seen the one with the butterfly coasters before, but I actually have those! I bought them in a country NSW op shop. I found two sets on separate occasions, and then on another day, a tray to match!

Ali said...

I have a similar folder on my computer... I love the first photo so much, I desperately want a whole wall of books. we live in a loft, but we don't have giant windows like in that photo... wish we did!

OLT said...

lol. Last Tango in Paris.

Alyssa said...

Oh my goodness... REALLY makes me want to decorate a house!!! Or two or three or fifty! Thanks for sharing these great pictures.