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Exit Mag
(scans via fashiongonerogue)

So Much to Tell You just reminded me of this beautifully paired-down set of out-takes from a shoot for Exit Magazine by Benny Horne that I meant to post a bit ago. I really love that black shirt. I'm so excited to wear semi-sheer tops come springtime!

P.S. Reports from the front:
1) I found RUSSH #31 at that mag shop on the corner of Spring and Lafayette, as instructed by Chelsea (thanks again!!) All I can say is that the cover is gorgeous and matte, as I've barely gotten a chance to crack it open yet!
2) I went and tried on a pair of those Steve Madden boots I mentioned in my previous post. They are gorgeous and surprisingly sturdy and well made-feeling, but I deemed them too high for daily use. Too bad, so sad.


Alyssa said...

These pictures are lovely—her eyes are rather startling. I also like it when models aren't afraid to show their chests in tasteful ways in shoots. Thanks for sharing! :D

corrie said...

thanks for the russh tip! i've been stalking b&n and coming out empty handed for what seems like forever.

Rhiannon said...

Ugh, that shirt really is wonderful. I always think I can end up finding a black sheer top at a thrift store that's just as good as the A.A. ones, but maybe I should just give in and get a new one.

Hasbeens! Mine are the super highs and they fit perfectly, so I'm guessing the super high covered toe ones would fit similarly? And they're really comfortable . . lots more than I thought they would be. You should get them for sure!

Sarah J said...

however weird i might sound, i love the models ears. she totally rocks the plaits.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Alyssa: totally agree on the tasteful tits!

corrie: you're welcome! I definitely find that the smaller independent places get RUSSH first, but the trade off is that they also mark it up a couple bucks over cover price, boo. Still, I didn't balk for long ;n )

CoocooforCoco said...

Beautiful. I love how these are just a little nautical.