Girl Crush: Isabel Lucas











I have to admit, I've never actually seen her act (and I'm not sure I really want to), but I very much enjoy this girl's style. Let's see...she's Australian, she's a total babe, she's got cheekbones worth killing for, she's a dead ringer for a young Michelle Phillips, and all her off duty outfits seem a little kooky, a little vintage, even a little dowdy at times--but always charming. Plus, she LOVES dolphins. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of her in the future. I am ok with this.

(All photos found on Isabel Lucas' TFS thread)


Astrid said...

Lol she is gorgeous, but you're right about not wanting to see her act :)

KLEE said...

she's beautiful!


Ayesha said...

haha I'm a New Zealander, but I think I remember her from something...hrmmm maybe home and away??

Love her weird (but cool) style and she just looks like she's really carefree!

sweet post!

Antonio Barros said...

She looks so adorable! Her outfits are lovely!


Cindy said...

she's so great. totally fresh. the face and the style.
she dresses like a very stylish but very real girl and not another clone hollywood type. plus, she's stunning si it's all good.

Matilda said...

haha, I used to love her in Home and Away, maybe not because of the acting(though I don´t think she was bad or anything), but because she´s so gorgeous! I´m jealous

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Haha, actually I was watching a few clips on youtube with her, mostly talking about "The Cove" and they started really ruining the mystery so I turned them off! Whatever, either way she's adorable.

Zoe said...

gosh, i remember her from home and away! always thought she was gorgeous, but shes brunette now i see. i love her style, based on these photos. slightly modest, but quirky. very cute.

Spandexpony said...

I love her in the little cape!!

ebony said...

she is gorgeously stylish, but man, her acting sucked. she got her break on home & away in australia - she was chosen to play a weird girl who thought she was a mermaid and only spoke double dutch to begin with.. ahh those were the days :)
but i totally agree, these photos make her look tres magnifique!

love you blog!


Anonymous said...

WOW like a 60s..70s superstar/bond girl

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I can't belive it, in definitely I must to move to Australia, first Miranda Kerr and now Isabel Lucas, wow and more wow, goddess is the only word that I find to describe such beauty.