"Oooooh back to school, back to school..."

My school starts up again on Friday (tomorrow?!), and I feel like summer just really got going. Sob. While I'm not looking forward to most of my classes (biology, bah!), these are some things I'm looking forward to (wishing I was) wearing:

back to school1

back to school2

back to school3

back to school4

Things I'd like to acquire this season:

  • short boots of all kinds
  • flannels
  • dark skinny jeans
  • a leather backpack (yup still want one)
  • a red coat with toggles
  • a corduroy skirt

  • What's on your wishlist for Fall?


    corrie said...

    Short boots, yes! I just acquired one pair from ebay for $18 and another from Etsy for $8. I love the scavenger hunt aspect of obtaining wishlist items on a (non existent) budget.

    Meaghan Kelly said...

    that last collage is a pretty perfect depiction of Fall for me! You'd look fantastic in every item on your wishlist!

    Ashley said...

    on my wishlist- too many shoes.

    love the first and second outfits!!


    Ayesha said...

    nudie magazine day! nudie magazine day!
    ....oh gosh I hope your title was a Billy Madison quote or i'm going to look quite silly...

    oh your combinations are so perfect!
    The third one i would give anything to wear! Especially in this transition into summer :D


    Suzy said...

    my three current obsessions for fall are 1. olive nylons, 2. charlotte gainsbourg's sweater minidress in The Science of Sleep and 3. i'm really hoping to find the perfect tall boots this year. something really sixties, in a gorgeous suede with a stacked heel. why i obsess over knee-length footwear at a time when i could get a million cute pairs of ankle boots i'll never know. masochism i suppose.

    and your combos are wonderful and simple and the second and fourth remind me of nerdy boys. :)

    Maria said...

    I just posted about back to school wadrobe lol It's a huge deal.

    I really love all of those polyvores. Especially the third. Where is that backpack/bag from??

    Maria x

    Anonymous said...

    a corduroy skirt would be adorable! I need some short boots, I don't have any! GAP is actually selling some really nice fits & washes of skinnies right now, they're rather cheap too :)

    briannelee said...

    Def boots as well, some antique lockets with long chains, and a cashmere cardi.

    Love all your sets. The one w/ the flannel is my fav :)

    pink horrorshow said...

    I was obsessed with leather backpacks last year and so I got the Alexander Wang bag, wore it once and now I'm thinking of selling it.

    The first set is so cute and I'm loving the beige cardigan in the second. Where is that from??

    Eve said...

    I feel as if summer just started getting good as well! Have fun in school tomorrow...
    I love all of those lovely collections of clothes! Really cute!


    Trains and Sewing Machines said...

    I love both of those coats! The khaki one and the red one...I want them right now.

    luyi said...

    this is really nice!
    so is ur blog.x

    All things Shutts ... said...

    I haven't been in school for a long time, but still treat fall the same way! On my list:

    A funky anorak:

    Canvas sneakers:

    Jean Jacket, vintage levis, or this one is great on:

    and lots of grunge-style floral dresses!

    Isabel said...

    Awww, come on - biology is fun!

    Ringo, have a banana! said...

    Ayesha: Yes!!!! P.S. If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.

    Maria: the back pack is from a website called grafea.com, they make the best leather satchels and bags, this one is actually my dream bag: http://www.grafea.com/leatherbriefcase/Old_School_Leather_Backpack.html

    pink horrorshow: Ah man, yeah, I feel like the backpack craze hit a lot of us! I thought that I had lost the urge, but I think I still want a nice old distressed one. And the cardigan is from Steven Alan and I want it sooooo bad!

    Isabel: Biology in general=cool study of life and plants and animals and other awesome things.

    Biology as a Brooklyn College Core Curriculum Requirement=14 weeks of eye-crossing, drool-inducing, head-pounding mental cruelty. I mean, they almost ruined Geology for me, and I frickin' love volcanoes!

    Anna said...

    Ha! I just read your fall wishlist and realised that I want every item on it too! How odd! And I passed up a great buttery brown leather backpack just the other day, darnit.

    Never commented before, but I love your blog!

    dw said...

    yummy yummy yummy - the perfect fall aesthetic!

    Sarah/Sherbet Tone said...

    I've been stocking up on fall items this whole month - which I admit is completely ridiculous! I bought ropers, proper knee-high riding boots, and a pair of sixties Chelsea boots (that did not fit!). As well as some printed black tights, a chain-handle suede bag, and (finally!) a Gladstone. I sold a whole lot of vintage to purchase all that - so at least it felt a bit more like trading. Ha. You choices are most perfect, Siri!

    Astrid said...

    Well... since I'm across the world, I'm putting together a wish list for summer and finishing school. so:
    pretty flippy floral dresses
    long salty tangled hair
    retro bikini
    flip-flops in all colours!
    new light sweaters for converting to night :)

    Anonymous said...

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    Pia said...

    can't get enough of red toggle coats! mine have fake burberry-ish checks lining, it's almost embarrassing to wear out :p

    E-BAD said...

    Things I'd like to acquire this season: 1. the ability to fit into all the dark skinny jeans I already own.
    2. I am always upstairs at 604 if you need bio help. For realz. And you looked very cute yesterday. Good luck in school!

    Indy said...

    I really like your blog! You have amazing style and post such inspiring pictures!

    My wishlist for fall:
    black canvas sneakers
    colored tights
    over the knee boots
    vests of every kind!


    kaitlin said...

    What I want this fall? To be able to wear menswear layers sometimes without looking like Marc Bolan. :)

    sharon said...

    these collages are so pretty. they make me want to go back to school, which i didn't think was possible :)

    Ringo, have a banana! said...

    Sarah: I should add printed/sheer tights to my list! As much as I am loathe to re-enter tights season, I know they'll be permanently fixed to my legs eventually. So I might as well try and have some fun...and I'm jealous of your shelseas, even if they don't fit. I want some soooo bad! Need to sell clothes, need to sell clothes...

    kaitlin: I'm afraid the idea of anyone looking like Marc Bolan for any reason brings nothing but joy to my mind ;n )