Barber's Son Makes Good!

Ok, so I've seen photos of Marissa Tomei modeling Boy by Band of Outsiders floating around the world wide web for some time now, and while that's all well and adorable--HELLO?!? The REAL deal is Mr. Schwartzman himself caught cavorting in pieces from the brand's men's Fall line, captured Polaroid style. Observe:














You owe it to yourself to explore the full collection of these gems right here.

Speaking of the JMan, this show is making me wish, for the gazillionth time, that I had access to HBO. And it's got Galifinakis in it too! And oooh, the cameos.

(cropped photos found here)


pepper said...

so devastated he just got married.

have you seen this vid?

wes and jason at their best!

WendyB said...

He's adorable. I met him once and he was supersweet too.

Antonio Barros said...

Cool polaroids!!!

the singular

fash said...

he might be one of my favourite people i've never met.

briannelee said...

Love him! These pictures are so funny.

kaitlin said...

I love how the blue blazer harkens back to his Rushmore days! I'd say that if I was a boy I'd do away with my summery dresses no problem and dress just like this, but I think I'm going to just dress like this anyways and tuck the summery dresses away...in my khakis. ;)

Anonymous said...

amazing stuff! totally dig his kind of humor. theres a subtlety to it thats rare.

corrie said...

Gaaaah. He looks so much like a guy I dated in college, it freaks me out a little. Same nose, hair, MOLE.

I do love these shots though.

cassaundra said...

great shots, indeed!

Ariel said...

oh i just posted these yesterday!! i love him so much!

Sarah/Sherbet Tone said...

I just read about they show! Also Jim Jarmusch is making a cameo! Really wishing for HBO as well. Also, I just saw Funny People and his wardrobe was mighty fine in that as well.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Did I ever tell you guys about the time I ran into this fella at a vintage store near by bf's house?? It was hilarious and weird. He was super chatty and bought bags of stuff and made small talk with me in line at the register. What a manic, awesome dude.

Anonymous said...

oh my god, I love these! He's so fantastic, isn't he? Great stuff.

Living Reflection of a Dream said...

You can always rely on him to be in the quirkest and most interesting of photographs. I just love him.