The Rain, the Post Office and Other Things

Yesterday was rainy and--gasp--borderline cold! I mean, not COLD cold, but cold for now cold. Comparatively cold. Hat-wearing cold? Jeez, I've really lost all sense of scale here.

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I couldn't believe it when I found this dress at a second hand shop a few days ago. It needed some ruffle removal on the front to make it look a mite bit less nightgowny/like it was made for an 8 year old (which I think it probably was...), but now it's just perfect! It's also a lot more green than it is grey, oh accurate white balance how you elude me...

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This bag was another great score. I've been wanting a tote that wasn't of the ubiquitous dirty white canvas variety, of which I already have several. This one also happens to be frickin' ENORMOUS. Seriously, a litter of kittens could be birthed in this thing (...? That's the best anecdote I could come up with?)

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I'm also REALLY digging my new Barbie pink nail polish. It's "Sweet Tart" by Revlon, and it is available at a fine K Mart location near you!

Also, can I just take a moment here to say wow wow WOW, thank you all so much for the incredibly kind, positive, blush-inducing comments on the previous entry. I wish I could give each and every one of you a beautiful chambray dress, a big hug, and a sloppy ol' kiss!



Anonymous said...

that dress is lovely :),
somehow thrift shopping seems so much more rewarding that high street shopping!
lots of love,
nicky x x

KB said...

I love those boots! Discovered your blog through Discotheque confusion; it's great! Our weather in the U.K seems to mirror yours, it's really cooled down here as well. Luckily I like to wear tights and things, so it's good for me!

Cindy said...

that dress is an amazing find. lovely. it reminds me of laura ashley.

Rhiannon said...

I think this is my favorite outfit of yours yet . . . I love how you took a ruffle off of a vintage kid's dress and made it look like something from A.P.C.

Suzy said...

TFC (too fucking cute). It reminds of this amazing Free People dress that I found somewhere for like five bucks but it's sooo short that I don't know how to wear it without thick, thick leggings and, c'mon, leggings? Also I've been dying to paint my nails, as I haven't done in ages (at least not to myself- thanks, toddlers!) but every color I think of would suck with the next outfit I want to wear. Oh, I can't wait to be living in the same house as my entire wardrobe. Girl can not live on ten or so pieces of clothing. Not this one, at least.

Lea said...

you're welcome

ps. I love your nails

Milla said...

I want to marry your dress or at least have it's bastards!

keira antoia rose said...

Cute outfit! I really love that dress...it's precious.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Chicken Dinner Candybar said...

you look lovely! what a good fit :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this dress & your red tote bag!

been following your blog for a while now & love it!! i'm sure you've had it before but i've given you an award :)


Anonymous said...

That dress is adorable and I love your nail polish. I'm all about bright pinks on my nails these days.

Isabel said...

I love the idea of wearing vintage nightgowns as dresses. I have a few but they're all transparent! That dress totally doesn't even look like a nightgown though.

alli said...

WOA NO WAY! I just painted my nails a bright barbie pink the other day (as if fingernail polish colors were a revelation?)! I am also loving it... Also love your blog.