Neither Here Nor There

Maybe it's because it's been grey and raining off and on for the last couple of days, maybe it's because June/July is sorta a weak-sauce time for magazine editorials, or maybe it's all the overly-air conditioned subway cars and classrooms I've been sitting in this week, but somehow a lot of the outfits I've been inspired by lately seem, dare I say...Fallish?

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Intermediary (Ding ding ding! Geology term!) dressing at its best. Looking at a pair of tights still makes me want to gag though, even if they are topped with a perfect red nubby cardigan (or Giovanna Battaglia's pretty face.)

(Photos from the Facehunter, StreetPeeper, and Super Fantastic Picture Time)


Kennedy said...

all of these are pretty great and hey i tagged you <3

E-BAD said...

i think the first girl may just be Carmen San Diego.

Frances Baker said...

OOh! I see a little Melbourne street in there! Great outfits

Little Monarch said...

mmmm i love the brogues and the oversized mans blue jumper. sexy!

Anonymous said...

the picture of the girl with the purple hair was taken in one of my favourite spots in melbourne - flinders lane. it's the best place to sit and have a coffee and people watch for hours

Isabel said...

Gahhh, Giovanna Battaglia is freaking gorgeous.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Ok so yeah, I'm seriously dying to go to Melbourne. There was a cheesy "travel to Australia!" advertising section in the British Vogue I was reading today, and it had a whole page on Melbourne and aaaah, yep, wanna go all right!

And I am seriously obsessed with that velvet blazer! I used to have a great brown one in high school...ah, this is why I should never get rid of any clothes, right??

sometimes wears glasses said...

are those oxford sneakers on the second form the bottom?

i want some, who made them?

meghan said...

i LOVE all of these! especially the oversized sweater + rubber ankle boots. adorable