Goodbye Little D!

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On Sunday, some lady friends and I went to brunch for (sob!) the last time at Little D Eatery in Park Slope. It says they're closed for vacation, but this is a lie--they're closed for good! No more pork butt hash (trust me, it's a little slice of butt hash heaven.)

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So, now we are on the search for another great brunch spot located in a charming neighborhood where we know at least five members of the staff who will bring us tasty freebies and undercharge us for afore mentioned hash. Is that too much to ask?

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What did I find on Sunday? Hahaha, oh man, get this: I found f**king RUSSH! In the Barnes & Noble in Park Slope of all places (it seems sooo out of place in that mom and pop hood.) I didn't know whether to be jubilant or enraged--they had tons of 'em! Fortunately, it wasn't the latest issue which dear sweet Hannah sent me, but the previous one, so now I haven't missed a beat.

And even better, what should I discover upon perusing it but a full two page spread on Girls, the band I will simply not shut up about. I'll scan and post it later tonight!


Teabagstains said...

you look so lovely in those boots
and i'm glad you found RUSSH, i just realised that you reaad frankie too? i own a million issues yyay its perfect you should check out this other one called yen.its pretty good too.

Anonymous said...

love your shoes

Caitlin said...

i am so obsessed with your hair! where do you get it cut? i am so scared to let anyone near mine. anyway yep, you look qt.

(oh yeah, and w/e ! there are totally cool russh reading kids in park slope!!) ;]

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Caitlin: Thank youuuu! I've never actually had a professional haircut in my life. I've been cutting it myself foreeever because I am WAY to scared to let anyone else, especially a stranger, near my hair. I haven't cut it in ages though, but when I do I use a flat razor (you can usually find them in drug stores though it might take some looking) to slice in layers. That sounds scary but it really works. Even though I'm pretty sure my parents thought I was a coke addict in high school cuz I kept leaving half rusted razor blades lying around the bathroom...ha, oops? And I learned to trim my own bangs too. That's not to say that I never fuck up, but at least this way I'm not paying ridiculous prices to have it fucked up, right?

And hey, hey, I am in NO way questioning the radness of Park Slopians, I've witnessed their awesome power first hand. I just couldn't fucking believe how many copies of RUSSH they had! That's the most of one issue I've ever seen in one spot. It was also probably the nicest B&N I've ever been in in my life. Classy shit.

Suzy said...

yeah yeah, mourn the loss of ONE brunch eatery while i lose an entire city of foodie paradise. hm i'm starting to rethink this small town move. oh, i already moved all my shit this weekend? um, okay then.

and to answer caitlin's query: siri's hair, i suspect, as i've never actually seen it in person, is made of angels' breath. one thousand angel whispers, to be precise.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Good guess Suzy! But in all seriousness, it's primarily made of finely spun Easter Peeps.

Anonymous said...

I saw your entry from chictopia, haha! I love your shoes!!

p.s my birthday's in june too :D

angela said...

looking so cute and so fresh!

i have to look into this RUSSH business.