People in Motion

Allrighty, so, here are those scans of the Girls article from RUSSH I promised ya (click to enlarge/enjoy):

And here is (another!) true story:
Just like the Pains, Girls have been touring around Europe recently, and the two bands have crossed paths a few times. These encounters seem to involve an indecent amount of frisbee playing, beer drinking, high-fiving (ok I'm just assuming that last one) and other extreme forms of merriment. The last time the two groups met up was at the Primavera festival in Barcelona. My bf really wanted a Girls t-shirt (duh), but he missed out nabbing one that night. The next day, he happened to bump into a member of Girls who happened to be wearing a t-shirt for his own band (normally a potential douche-move, but in the context of Girls all bets are off), and the guy frickin' GAVE Alex the shirt off his back. Literally. They traded right then and there. And then I had to sit, helpless and alone, as he paraded up and down his hotel room in front of me wearing the damn thing via Skype.

And this is the kind of business I have to deal with while trying to wade my way through endless chapters of summer school geology homework. Capisce??


Suzy said...

too awesome.

i actually read some random interview of the pains the other day and was pretty floored by how funny kip was. that guy is pure comedy gold!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Oh great I am obsessed with Girls too! This year was the first one I've had to miss Primavera Sound, I am still trying to get over that...

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