Oh haaaay

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Guess who got caught hangin' out on the streets of Big Willy'sburg the other day by Eddie of Style Sightings, looking just a little bit crazy and just a large bit awesome??

P.S. Everybody, it's JUNE! This means:
1) We can finally start using the word "summer" to describe what's going on outside, without feeling like we're jinxing ourselves/jumping the gun
2) My birthday (love/hate relationship, clearly)
3) Roses are blooming everywhere--go smell 'em!


Mars said...

That is some fearless style :O Love her little bag though... Just dropping by to tell you I've been following your blog for awhile now and it's really one of my favorites. Keep up the good work :D!

mosey said...

largely awesome!

Suzy said...

oh it is too perfectly summertime! my train back into the city ran very late so i spent the day in the park. i'm sure i'll post on it later tonight.

and the girl named ZIPPORA does indeed look nuts. whoops, don't mind me, i was chugging a gallon of bleach rather hastily, you see, and a bit has gotten on my dress.i can't stop laughing at the expression her face is making. i'm not sure you're allowed to look so serious when wearing such an outfit.

meghan said...

ok so i'm DEFINITELY obsessed with this outfit

Anonymous said...

my birthday is in june as well, actually its only 9 days away woah!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Suzy: ahaha, poor girl, she probably just made that "model face" too many times, and it gt stuck like that!

Sunset said...

That dress is siiick! A little smile never hurt anyone though, lol.