This 'n That


I wish I could find a close up of this...but anyways, Paul & Joe made an effing gingham romper for Spring (excusez-moi, "combishorts")??? Why on earth was I not notified sooner??? WANT. SO. BAD.

I found my dream sunglasses! :n )


They are $200 :n (






Valentine is still very pretty. And cool. And French. So we can all relax.

That is all.

(Photos of Valentine by Skye Parrott found here)


leila wylie said...

Ohhhhhhhhh gosh. That romper is so cute!

Fa said...

I love Valentine, and your blog too!

Anonymous said...

$200 is too too much for sunglasses. who is valentine? she is gorgeous

~ Faith said...

$200 for sunglasses! I rarely spend over $10 because I know, inevitably, I will lose or break them!


alice said...

hi there,

i've never commented before, but i frequent your blog and think it's quite lovely. i bet we would be friends if we knew each other in real life!

so i found this gingham romper on ebay whilst looking for rompers myself. its not quite like paul and joes, but it's quite a cutie.


Anonymous said...

What a great romper! I want it for myself :(

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Actually, now I don't know what to think about the sunglasses--I was on St. Mark's last night helping the bf find some new shades and I tried on a pair that were, quite literally, IDENTICAL to those $200 ones...and they looked awful on me! So, not only is $200 ridiculous for any sunglasses, let alone ones that you can essentially find for $7 in lower Manhattan, but they also made me look like flaming pile of douche. :n (

Suzy said...

baaahhhhh, i just found gingham pants to turn into shorts today and my victory is crushed now that i see the greatness that is the gingham romper.

OH and I also found jeans that fit my waist but need to be tightened in the leg so jump on that jean tutorial, babe, 'cos otherwise these deep blue Lee's will end up massacred.

erin said...

i love valentine! i saw her in nylon awhile back featuring her librarian chic style. and those sunglasses are amazing. your blog is great by the way!

Lea said...

so I found those sunglasses in a vintage store a few days ago
except they didn't fit my face
and were really expensive
I love 'em though