First Dress of the Season


Oh man it was soooo nice here this weekend! Long afternoons where the air feels like you are swimming through a warm bath, street ice cream and lemonades, seeing Guest of Cindy Sherman with a surprise Q&A with the directors afterward, and Record Store Day at Other Music (I got some ELO on vinyl and the Pains dj'ed!) I wish I had photo documentation, but I have been pressing myself to take REAL, 35mm photos whenever possible, so once they are developed...I will proceed to gloat.


I found this dress at, sigh, Beacon's Closet on Friday. It needed some hacking-at (I took off the silly collar and let out the sleeves), but now it's pretty much perfect, the first of what I hope will be many wonderful dresses to become mine in preparation for the warmer months.


And the shoes! I found them on etsy from Pink Poodle Vintage.

They are actually about a half size too big, something that drives me bonkers when it comes to open toed or backless shoes (I can't stand it when there's a gap at the back, or the toes don't end flush with the shoe...oh god it drives me craaazy, even when people assure me they don't notice) but they are SO PERFECT and SO COMFORTABLE that I am SUCKING IT UP.


Suzy said...

You are suuuuch a babe, right down to that David Lee Roth posing!

I am going to die if I don't find a pretty pair of sandals before another warm-weather storm hits. And that belt is great. In short, you is perfection.

OH! And I saw a Pains record at Laurie's Planet of Sound, here in Chicago, and totally went 'aww..' and the person next to me was like 'what' and i went 'um, er, i don't know..nothing.' because i realized that's a stupid story to tell: "oh, well i read this girl's blog and she's dating the bassist of this band and is like super proud of him."

teenfashionista said...

1) LOVE the dress. What a steal!
2) How was Guest of Cindy Sherman? I have a feeling I'll be waiting ages to see it, as my small college town only gets the MOST mainstream films.
3) Pink Poodle <3

E-BAD said...

what did the collar look like before?

futurelint said...

funny what quirks we all have, I like my shoes to be a lil' floppy and big...

Helen said...

such a cute dress!

Anonymous said...

ack those shoes are great!