Learning to Love Letting Go of More





In an attempt to make room for all those summer dresses I'm dreaming about, I'm trying to do a serious closet clear out of all the pretty things that I just don't wear enough, and deserve a better home.

Behold my efforts over at Maude Loves Harold Vintage!


Rachael Kearley said...

I have to do the same thing, I'm procrastinating like crazy tho, maybe to make room for some of your cast offs lol I love the t-strap shoes

ONiC said...

i want that gray shoes. can i steal it?

Suzy said...

Ugh I KNOW, I already went through this last night. I need, like, three of these items and everytime I go look at something in your shop I'm put face-to-face with those damn fish shorts that keep calling my name.

sarah said...

i love that coat, its so perty, i just cant fathom buying one right now its 80 degrees here...
xo s

Prune said...

I definitely love you (and your blog)!

Can I talk about you in my little little blog ?

La Fée said...

those grey shoes look lovely, but I adore the blue whale print shorts!!