The Swedish Thing

Inspired by this post from The Vintage Society, I've been spending quite sometime browsing TheModerniteter. Those Swedes have some serious style.

But the fun doesn't stop there! After scanning the comments section on a couple of posts (none of which I can read, of course, since it's all in Swedish, and pasting them into an online translation site yielded quite the grammatical riddle), I noticed that many posters added a link to their own personal blog at the bottom of their reply. After browsing through these endless links, I've learned a few things:

1) It's not just a flattering stereotype guys. Pretty much everyone in Sweden really is gorgeous, probably blonde and, despite what you might assume, rather tan.
2) Every blonde tan Swedish lass worth her weight in Kroner owns a pair of white Keds-like tennis, and wears them with eveything, especially black leggings.
3) Just as I suspected (I may be biased as a great deal of my ancestors are from the area), Swedes are cool as fuck.

Sigh. See? Though The Moderniteter is good for some serious hours, here's a few more of my favorite stylin' Swedes (I've also added these and some other great ones to my favorites list):

Lisa Place
It's Vintage, Darling!

Obviously, there's something of a language barrier (unless you're fortunate enough to be fluent), but the great thing about these ladies blogs is that the photos, the clothing, the style, it all speaks for itself. It transcends. So have a look, poke around. I have a feeling these are just the tip of the savvy Scandinavian iceberg :n )


John McNab said...

You have enough style to make me, a guy who doesn't care about style, follow you over from flickr. In a nice way, of course. Not like a stalker. Nore like a voyuer.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

John, you are too kind!

Elsa said...

Haha, you are so right ;) Im from Sweden... I dont have a pair of white Keds though ;O

-.- said...

hi "ringo have a banana"! I'm from Sweden and felt an instant need of giving you a tip of some more great swedish fashion blogs, when I read this. You should visit:

haha, you've probably already read and seen them all, but if you haven't, then go do it!

Anonymous said...



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