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I love buying dishes. Given free reign and a sturdy wallet, I would buy more dishes than I would ever know what to do with. Foolish, but it's true. Even though our cupboards are filled to the brim with glasses, mugs, plates, two tea pots, and enough cups and saucers to water an army, it's all I can do to stop myself poking around in junk stores and the back room at Fish's Eddy looking for more--I mean the problem is just that we need bigger cupboards, right??

Sure, there's a real charm to that mix 'n match, jumble sale aesthetic, but lately it's been wearing thin. In a perfect world, or really just a world in which I have one of those job things everyone with nice stuff is always talking about, I would chuck 95% of what's in those cupboards and start fresh. I swear! When I saw these Akiko Graham Slabe plates on Anaïse, I fell hard. They're just about perfect--softly uneven spheres finished with a whitewash of glaze, sturdy, natural but still delicate. Mix in creamy cups, bowls, and a stout little teapot by Höganäs Keramik, and I think I could finally throw in that shabby chic towel and never look back...


Joy said...

I have no idea just why I love the teapot so much. It's so simple, pure, and whole if it makes much sense.

Sally Jane Vintage said...

Everytime my mother comes to visit she brings us vintage dishes. Tom can't understand why we need more dishes than we can use at one time but I secretly love it!

celine said...

wow, these are really beautiful. such lovely colours!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Joy: I agree! Something about it is just so satisfying--just the way a teapot should feel haha.

SJV: I'm sure my boyfriend feels the same way. I mean, he appreciates a good mug or plate or two...but I can appreciate several dozen of each before showing any sign of fatigue!

celine: I think cream is just the best shade for dishes. Everything about it looks and feels delicious :n )

tamsin said...

I'm the same way. I just love buying kitchen stuff, actually. I've told Alex we have to get married so that people will buy us nice plate sets. x

amy said...

These are charming. I adore looking at kitchen stuff. I still live with my parents, so I can't wait till I have my own apartment. I will shiver over the cutest cook ware!

love your blog

sugar plum kisses~
amy x

Hanna said...

oh, I love Höganäs keramik! the pieces are always wonderfully sturdy and wellmade.