Every year as winter approaches, I begin to feel like all the color is slowly being sucked out of the world. We've been lucky with the weather lately, but I know there will be weeks when we don't see a clear sky, no sun, no blue. Just a flat grey underbelly as far as the eye can see.

A "fashion forecast"? The coming Spring will be a season chock-a-block with cornflower, vermilion, citrus and goldenrod. Now, however, is a time to find the perfect pair of black oxfords and the perfect pair of brown oxfords, the perfect pair of brown boots and the perfect pair of black boots, the perfect white sweater, the perfect grey sweater, the perfect black sweater. It's true that layering is a lot easier when you're working with a whittled down palette--being adventurous is so much more complicated in the cold. If it were up to me though, I would have a winter coat in every color of the rainbow. And a nice tartan plaid for good measure.

(images via Dansk, nicolas cage vampire teeth, Dansk, Old Baltimore, Dansk)


Suz said...

i love bright colours!

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

I would love a winter with more colors lke this... Don't get it why if all is grey, people dress in grey! :-)


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Colleen said...

I love a bright-colored coat. I have a few crazy colors, and it really makes it easy for friends to pick me out in a crowd! At Forever 21 they have every color for serious cheap.

Josi said...

hey siri!
I know it's sooo not related to your post but I was in a club in berlin last night and saw a poster for "the pains of being pure at heart" concert later this month. just thought I'd let you know. anyway, your blog is awfully inspiring, all the best to nyc!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I love this post! You're right! The color does seem to drain from the world during this time of year. I lvoe this time of year and everything but why wouldnt it hurt to have some bright sweaters?
Also, I have been looking everywhere for a bright yellow trench coat!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Crystal said...

Definitely needed this shot of color to brighten up the otherwise gray UK landscape. Though that blue strawberry gives me the wiggens for some reason. How did they even do that?

paperwhales said...

such vibrant colors! I like it


fuschiaaa said...

Love the colours! Your blog is super interesting!