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I have so much respect for Lina Scheynius and her approach to photography. Her images represent the poplar opposite of the spectrum from the sickly-slick, over processed kind of editorial and commercial work that leaves me cold. Her photographs are warm and alive and, yes, sometimes flawed--but all the more gorgeous for it. Says Schenynius of her collaboration with AnOther Magazine on the campaign images for their first fragrance AnOther 13:

"We didn't want to make a traditional perfume image, but something more real and raw. I have done loads of self-portraits in the past – it's very much part of my work and how I started out. AnOther asked if I would be interested in doing a self-portrait for the scent and I loved that idea. So I found a nice five star hotel, checked in there on my own with only my cameras and a load of film and a couple of Chloé outfits, and spent the evening playing around."

Scheynius, Chloé, and a few precious packs of Polaroid film. What more could you possibly ask for??


asha said...

These are stunning. I love using film, particularly the beautiful imperfections you get that make the images unique. Such a shame that nowadays the process is being cheapened by a heap of computer programs that can simulate the art.

asha said...

Hope you don't mind, I posted a blog and linked to you:)

Love_Again said...

love her photography too. this is a particularly appealing series of hers.

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Images are great... It's that Juergen Teller kinda thing, but she is defienetly her own!



devorelebeaumonstre. said...

great photos. xx

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Emily Rose Theobald said...

so great. i love her and her work.

Alexandra said...

One of my absolute favourites.