the sun machine is coming down

this is it

building a fire


so many shells

Biggest boat I've ever seen, probably.


long story

my favorite field

early morning cabin light

Dag's coats

new geraniums

where Dag lives

Here it is, the last round of photos from my sweet, sweet summer vacation. Well, I do still have three rolls of Super8 film waiting to be developed and processed...but given the current state of my finances, it could be an awful long time until that stuff sees the light of day (especially since once you go hi-def, you really can't go back!)

These are mostly from our boating and camping trip to a smaller outlying island called Patos, as well as some shots of Dag's beautiful home. The last roll, the one that never caught, was filled with more shots of her cabin and her magical witchy cat Zowie. Too bad, so sad.

The first set of photos can be found here, as well as a few more on my flickr :n )


eagle-eye-cherry said...

summer, beach, chips...so nice

Dearbhaile + Jos said...

These are so beautiful! A nice antidote to the rain soaked skies of England right now

Bonjour Juliette said...

Bonjour! I just discovered your blog via ensuite and i'm thrilled* I love your pictures... Just starting to explore them, but i do not want to stop! Thank you for adding beauty to this world ***

Colleen said...

your pictures are so pretty.. looks like you had a nice summer!

Sara said...

very nice photos. i'm in need of a little bit of summer right now and just looking at these cheers me up, so thanks for that. :)

Michelle — M Dash said...

Photo number three is just right. Living in the southern hemisphere, it makes me excited for things to come!

Alek said...

Hi Siri -
I thought I'd throw out a suggestion for a post. I am planning a very quick end of October NY trip and wanted some expert tips on places to go (bookstores, theaters, parks, eatings...). What would you plan as a "day in NY" itinerary?

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Hey Alek--I will definitely try and get a post like that together! In the meantime, check out this Q&A I did for some (Brooklyn-centric) suggestions:


vv said...

love your blog just visited it for the first time!

please visit



Erika said...

your photographs are wonderful!

Colleen said...

i'm already missing summer :( great photos

Laura Grace said...

i just found your blog. omg these photos totally speak to my soul... haha, summer camping is so nostalgic.