fly fowl

Roosters roosting



Dagmar is a lady AND an expert chicken wrangler.

I'm back in New York tonight, and missing this face (and this pack of jungle fowl) like nothing else. Somehow it only gets harder and harder every time I have to leave after a visit. I've always gotten horribly homesick, even when I was a little kid, even when we'd only be a few miles from home. I wish I could outgrow it, but I fear I never will. I've got that ache-y, break-y feeling. You know the one.


Sarah J said...

Aw sweets, i completely get it. She looks wonderful (as do the chickens) and at least we can comfort ourselves in the knowledge that absence makes the heart grow fonder. though sometimes 'fonder' can be a synonym for 'sore'

ebad said...

yeah I'd be sad leaving those chickens. I'm sad just LOOKING at those chickens!

hannah and landon said...

I do know the feeling :( I get back on the first of September - let's get together and mourn our nature abodes!

LadyFLASHBACK said...

aw, makes me KINDA wish my old hen named Greta :))

hope your swell!

jess s///

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sarah said...

what's the likelihood of moving back? your posts about home are always whimsical, it makes me sad for ya...
i must selfishly add, i can't wait for more pictures.

Anonymous said...

she looks so sweet