I first heard about Thomsen a few months ago while transcribing an interview between my boss and Franck Cohen, one third of the French line's design team. Apparently, it all started because stylist Alix Thomsen, another third of the team (and pictured above) had trouble finding the sort of tasteful, long dresses she liked to wear. At the same time, Lionel Bensemoun, the final third of the puzzle and the man responsible for popularizing American Apparel in France, decided he'd had enough of t-shirts and wanted to create menswear that had the smart fit of Thom Browne tailoring, but was as comfortable as the ubiquitous deep-V.

For spring they've gotten their hands on some really sweet Liberty prints, which is simultaneously a total classic and kinda the fabric-du-jour. That first look is so amazing, I want to be wearing right now, even though I am in bed and will presently be passing out. Don't even care. Want it all.

For an extra treat, Check out Alix and Lionel's amazing Parisian apartment, via En Suite.


Ensuite said...

Oh! Great "fashion pendant" of my interior design post!!!! Does that mean something in english? :-/
It's nice to develop a same theme through angles peculiar to different blogs.
Anyhow, i don't know if any of this makes sense but you get the idea, right? :)

Little Lost Treasures said...

I absolutely love every single outfit! There's nothing like florals to put a smile on my face :)

Clare said...

I don't think I've ever seen anything quite as 'you' before! I love all of it.

tweet tweet tweet


Misanthropic Pulp said...

love the outfits, so fresh and just how I like my spring...


Sidney said...

so lovely, i really like the shoes :)


Big Fea said...

I want everything in Thomsen's lookbook! Alix is so beautiful too. I love her red hair. And her baby's crib in Ensuite! Lucky baby!

zbs said...

Third one is cool. Fwiw, I always found Thom Browne's fitting really just perversely odd.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

zbs, to honest, I actually know very little about Thom Browne heheh. That's just what Franck said, I swear!

Anonymous said...

amazing clothes !
i love the first outfit


Away with the fairy's said...

floral, floral, floral <3


Elen King said...

it was great,very inspiring.