JaPains on Film: Southern Hemisphere Edition

Here it is: the last set of photos from the tour, our Australia and New Zealand leg. We had about a week in Australia, and only three or for days in New Zealand, but they were filled with sun and wind and summer. Looking at these photos right now is both heartening and painful, as the bizarrely warm weather in NYC that had everyone getting their ya-yas out last week has disappeared as fast as it came. Barf.



Outside our hotel in Melbourne, which was on Gertrude St. Saltwaters ahoy!


Oh my god you guys, I nearly forgot! I totally saw THIS DUDE!!! That day or the next, just walkin' down the street, hair bobbing in the breeze. Mission accomplished.


The afternoon we arrived, we were invited to a BBQ at the Summer Cats' house, who happen to be the nicest dudes ever. We were fed prawns that may or may not have been cooked on a...ahem...barbie...


...and treated to some serious Aussie-style hospitality. Coopers!! (Don't forget to roll it!)


I saw this amazing necklace made of a million mini-Kaisers in the window of a little shop on Gertrude St.


Both the shows in Melbourne were at the East Brunswick Club, which was awesome because they offered us free food, which was all amazing. Warm chocolate brownies two nights in a row? Check. Here we're on our way to check out the Savers on Sydney Rd. after sound check.


The old buildings in Melbourne are amazing, so many ornate facades and lattice work. These are a couple on Sydney Rd.


Walking back from Sydney Rd. It felt so good to be somewhere where people can have actual gardens and front yards again.


Part of downtown Melbourne peeping through the trees in Carlton Gardens.


An amazing John Candy window shade we saw on the way to buy Alex some more medium format film, I think on Swanston St.?


Cooling my jets across from the National Gallery.


Lyin' back, lookin' up, driftin' off.


The next day the dudes played an in-store show at Polyester Records, where the lovely Elizabeth came and said hey to me--thanks again, it was so great to finally meet you :n )


Setting up before the Polyester in-store. The set was a little delayed because of a broken guitar string, but all was saved in the end.


Kip's peddle board, affectionately known as the "Painbow", in action.


The next day, while the band flew to Perth, I ended up staying in Melbourne. Which was a-ok, because I got to go to the Royal Botanic Gardens and learn a thing or two about Australian Flora.


This is the eternal flame that burns outside the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. This seemed incredibly dangerous to my pampered American self, but also totally badass. Like, yeah, we've got large open flames in public places that never stop burning!! Fuckin' Aussie!!!


An American Apparel in Sydney getting prepped for Mardi Gras.


Morning light in our Sydney hotel room. It was kind of creepy sleeping next to an enormous mirror, but it made sleepy self portraits a real breeze.


Ok, maybe someone who lives in Sydney can explain to me what was going on here? All I know is that this was literally the most old people I've ever seen congregate in one area, it was like a sea of pastels! And then they all started going inside at the same time...


We ended up spending most of our day off in Sydney at Taronga Zoo, which was maybe a questionable decision, but hell, we wanted to see some Koalas ok?? Anyways, this is a view of the Opera House from the ferry we took to Koala Town.


Alex/Opera House face-off.


No clue why these last two came out so greenish and groovy looking, but I'm cool with it.

New Zealand

New Zealand!! Sadly, I don't have that many photos from our stay, since we were really just passing through, and I was kind of burnt out on lugging my camera around...but this was at Mission Bay in Auckland. Whole swatches of the beach were made up of these beautiful piles of shells.

New Zealand

At the top of Mt. Eden, looking down into the Crater. There's a surprise down there!

New Zealand

The view of Auckland from Mt. Eden, looking out towards volcanic Rangitoto Island.

New Zealand

In our room in Wellington. Oooh Wellington! I fell in love with the place, even though we had less than 24 hours there. Our hotel was right on Cuba St., and I stopped into Good As Gold and fondled some Funkis. Side note:, this sweet cat shirt was courtesy of an amazing vintage shop we found in Harajuku where everything was 700 Yen, or about $7.00 US.

New Zealand

Wellington at Sunset. I'm determined to get back here some day! It seriously blew my mind.


Ooh, I do want to say a quick thank you to both the sweet ladies who came and said hi to me during the shows in Auckland and Wellington. Like a true ass, I have forgotten your names, but it was so incredibly nice to talk to you, or at least yell at you over some indie rock 'n roll. Hearts to both of yous! And of course, thanks in general for all the sweet comments on these posts, I'm glad if I could inspire a little, or a lot, of wanderlust in you all!


Mystery Flight Vintage said...

I always love looking at my home from visiting traveller's eyes. These photos are so fantastic. I'm wishing you lots of warm, sunny weather.

Kate said...

Beautiful pictures, I've really enjoyed these posts! And glad you love my Wellington. :) Plus, that cat shirt - amazing!

Matilda said...

hey, do you have any idea where I could buy Saltwater sandals and they´d ship them to Europe?
Your film photos are gorgeous!

Hannah said...

Beautiful snaps. And you drank my beloved Coopers Pale?! As if you couldn't get any cooler!

Aimée said...

You are a fantastic photographer, i love these pictures so much!

Katie said...

Hahaha!!! As if you met that guy!

Alek said...

Where did those strappy black sandals come from? I want more pics!

Camille said...

The cat shirt is awesome! It reminds me of the 'One hundred cats and a mouse' poster: http://www.poster.net/fiorucci/fiorucci-100-cats-and-a-mouse-2104979.jpg !

Twila's Vintage said...

Looks like alot of fun!


leanne said...

yeah... these are all amazing! this makes me want to travel again.

Meaghan said...

i bet it was pension day and the oldies were treating themselves to some time at the theater, that or some kind of fair, pastels never get boring on the old. leaving new zealand out of the picture which is obviously in a league of its own which did you prefer ,Melbourne or Sydney?


We are total shoe twins...I can't wait to wear mine without tights! Why can't it be sunny in NYC during the winter?

Clare said...

Looks wonderfuuuuul! That necklace is amaze....

tweet tweet tweet


m.bardeaux said...

amazing! beautiful! ahhhhhh i'm so jealous!

Melanie M said...

That show looks like it was so much fun! You look amazing! I love your hair! Also, you live in Japan? Too rad. Too friggin' rad.


Ringo, have a banana! said...

Thank you thank you everyone!!

Matilda: Here is an online store that sells Saltwater Sandals for quite cheap and ships internationally (though the shipping is not so cheap...though maybe once you factor in the exchange rate it's not so bad??) Also, here is a helpful chart that will aid in buying the right size. I actually ordered a whole size smaller than I usually wear, they seem to run kinda large. They are also unbelievably comfortable, honestly, I am shocked it took me so long to get a pair! You will not regret it.

Hannah: Yes, I did, and I liked it! I was also partial to Pure Blonde, but maybe I'm a little biased??

Alek: Aaaah yes, the black sandals! They came from the most amazing store ever, called Parco, in Shibuya. It's like an dreamy mall filled with all the best, cutest girl clothes you could wish for, and they were only about $65.00! I promise, more photos ASAP!

Camille: THAT POSTER! Oh wow, I'm in love.

Meaghan: Oh, that is a tough question, and maybe not a totally fair one since I had a solid four days in Melbourne, and only a couple in Sydney (most of which was spent at the zoo...) It's a hard call. We had so much good food in Melbourne, and the museums are amazing, but we also passed through some parts of Sydney that I could see wanting to explore a lot further, and I suppose I do prefer my cities to be on the quite large side of things, otherwise I'd just as soon be in the country... I guess I ideally I would live in one and visit the other quite frequently? Sorry, I know that is a cop-out answer.

Melanie M: Oh man, I wish! ;n ) Nah, I live in New York, but we had just come from 10 days in Japan before Australia and New Zealand.

Han said...

I'm so glad you loved Wellington - I miss it!


Sarah Jane said...

Wow!! Thank you so much for sharing! All your photos are wonderful! I love the Coopers in the clam pool! It doesn't get more Australian than that!

I have got really itchy feet to go travelling now!

best, Sarah xo

Astrid said...

Hey! I went to high school right next to Sydney Town Hall and had assembly in St Andrew's Cathedral. The pension day thing makes sense, there're always events and awards presentations there (like my old high school's :P). This makes me miss Sydney the way you miss your parents' farm :(

dw said...

lovely lovely photos - inspired wanderlust and huge summer cravings. oh man!

Sarah said...

eternal flames are where it's at! i live down the road from one, and it's pretty great.
also, absolutely wonderful, wonderful photos. i can't wait for it to be warm like that here.

Aphra said...

Siri your photos were a lovely sight to behold, thanks for sharing...

just to let you know Chloe is in Elle and looks hawt

anabela / fieldguided said...

Oh man, so amazing. I am DYING for summer over here.

Pauline said...

lol you make me laugh with the Shrine of Remembrance bit. "we're badaass" Don't worry some ppl here in Melb worry about it too.

I love the above photos, of Melbourne especially, because it's so refreshing to see them from other ppl's eyes. Really pretty shots, the trip looked like a blast.

Alice said...

Hi Siri

Just enjoyed looking at your holiday snaps. Im sure you have answered this question many times but what camera did you take the pictures on?

Its my brothers wedding next month and im the best man. I wanted to invest in a nice stills camera for the event.

Any recomendations? Thank you x

erle said...


I see that a person before me has already asked about it, but i wõould liek to know it too.
What is the camera you use for these pictures?..i assume it is the same Canon one u're holding on couple of the pics..but what kind is it?:D

I've been thinking of getting one and your pictures look absolutely dreamy and nice, so exactly what i would like.

So if you could give me any advice i would appreciate it alot. Thank you in adavance.