JaPains on Film, Round 1

Aaaaahhh, so I'm about to go completely cross-eyed from using the spot healing tool on Photoshop (you get what you pay for when you trust York Photo Labs with your biz...), but nonetheless, here's the first round of my photos from my time in Japan with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart! Many more to come!

You can click them to make 'em larger, and/or view them on my flickr as well. I'll add captions along the way :n )


Waking up in our hotel the first morning in Tokyo. The best feeling ever!


A store full of cat stuff that I still regret not going in to, near Gotanda Station in Tokyo.


The view from Gotanda Station. This was right after me and Alex's first trip to a real grocery store (i.e. not a 7-11) in Japan and we were so proud that we'd figured out how to buy breakfast! Actually, I never stopped being proud after managing to feed myself in Japan. Small victories.


The Pains' first show at Fever in Tokyo. They played there again on the last night of our stay in Japan.


Bicycles in Osaka. A few blocks away, we found a pet store that sold tiny monkeys in the back, and later we accidentally ate at a Chinese restaurant, because they were the only place with pictures on the menu!


Watching the Superbowl...live...but the next morning...in a hotel room in Osaka???


On our way to the top of the train station in Kyoto, where we ate in a restaurant that was decorated with slug-like plastic icebergs lit from within.


Part of Kiyomizu Temple, which is in the hills above Kyoto.


The view from Kiyomizu Temple. You can't really tell, but there were some pretty sweet Jesus rays goin' on.


A wall of cats in another cat-ephemera store. Now I know that when I get old, all I have to do is move to Japan and open up one of these babies. Neko seiko!!


Those Hope and Peace cigarettes again, never gets old!


We started up a tally of all the cities that had some sort of "fake Space Needle" going on downtown. This is Kyoto's bid. Also on the list: Sydney and Auckland.


Pretty flowers for sale on the walk to the train station in Kakogawa. It was so warm and sunny that morning, and we ate hotdogs baked into tiny baguettes for breakfast.


"Portrait of the Artist as an Old Naked Saxophone Player"


Dusk in Kobe, on our way to eat Kobe burgers!


Alex and Kip onstage at the show that night at Kobe Blueport.


Sweet, Japan-exclusive Pains shirts! I made Alex nab me a blue and white one, now I wish I'd gotten lavender...


Naoki!!! Oh Naoki. The owner of Fastcut Records, who put out the Pains record in Japan. Also: our babysitter for ten days, he went everywhere we went, even the world's saddest zoo. Bless. This. Man.


The walls of the greenroom at Kobe Blueport were covered in some serious wtf band name graffitti. Some of my favorites included Mislead Balds, Fuck You Heroes and Sweef. I thought we should join the party, I mean honestly, does "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart" not kinda sound like the best wtf Japanese band name ever??

More soooooooon!


Juliette said...

That looks amazing! Like everyone else I know, I want to go to Japan so bad.

P.S. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart rocks!


Anonymous said...

you ate monkey?
i would try most things once i think but i would actually throw up if i accidentally ate monkey.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Ahahaha what?? Noooo. We saw tiny monkeys, THEN we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Two very separate happenings.

Not saying I wouldn't eat monkey though.

Sarah J said...

these are AMAZING!

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

Great shots. I am going to Japan in November and am so excited! Can't wait to see the rest of your pics.

That's Ron said...

wow nice shots... i also post a trip bout kyoto recently...


Juliet Helen said...

Hey! Aucklands Sky Tower isn't a fake...its the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere! Or maybe Australasia...actually it is hideous so I'm not sure why I'm defending it! Neat photos.

lkfeely said...

oh, yay! i love these photos! all the cat ephemera stores make me want to go to japan even more than i did before. can't wait to see more!


Ringo, have a banana! said...

Ok ok, no offense intended to the Sky Tower I swear! But I did think it was funny how so many cities decided to plop a big spikey thing in the middle of town to, I dunno, liven up the place? Seattle is no exception, they just made theirs the biggest (I think?)

Also, anyone thinking about going to Japan, I'm telling you: DO IT! Start saving up now, because you will love the hell out of it and never want to leave.

hannah said...

these are gorgeous! cant wait to see the rest. the kitty board! the naked sax player! oh japan you crzy.

angela said...

what beautiful shots! makes me miss japan so so so much!

Winnie said...

Siri! These are fantastic.

MissKellie said...

Ahhh, I loved all of these! :D I'm so jealous of all the fun you had! And the cat stores, OH THE CAT STORES! :D I would honestly go wild in a shop like that, and end up buying waaay too much stuff!

And I love The Pains, I'm listening to them right now! :)


Anonymous said...

loving the photos
cute and inspirational, love it
loving your blog!
thanks for sharing as always darling!


banahna said...

Vancouver, BC also has a big spiky thing, the Harbor Centre.