the grass is greener



Picture 1

Picture 4


I feel like all of a sudden I'm seeing bright green everywhere, mostly in coats it seems but also on bags and shoes. Funnily enough, while I was in Japan I nearly bought a Nixon Time Keeper in Lime, but I opted instead by a funny orange and nude thing by Riki Watanabe.


I think I might need to get that Nixon now as well though...the only question is, which shade??

(first two photos from Vanessa Jackman, next two by Tommy Ton for Style.com, last from Jak & Jil via leFashion)


calivintage said...

ooh! i just recently discovered that i love green! these are wonderful inspiration pictures!

C said...

That's an awesome watch! At first I was drawn to the darker emerald green, but I love the way the contrast makes the watch face pop on the chartreuse version. So the second one!

thousandflower said...

I love the green coat with the hood.

Christine said...

How strange, I was thinking about how I was seeing green everywhere as well! It's a color I'm starting to like.

p.s. I personally like the darker shade for the Nixon.

Joey said...

the darker one for sure!!

Juliette said...

Very inspiring photos!
My mom has that exact same Louis purse from the first picture!

Oddly enough, I just wore a lime green dress yesterday! Check it out:


Isabel said...

Green is my favourite colour, so this is awesome!

Clare said...

Good choices! Especially love the first one.



lkfeely said...

these are great photos! i love, and always have loved green. i like the darker color for the nixon.


Eli said...

the first and last outfits are soo good!

celine said...

that first coat is such a lovely colour!

lula said...

That green hooded coat is amazing! i need it!


SaraKateSwan said...

Really love your blog! Great images.


Anonymous said...

I love green, the second coat is so beautiful!...dark green for the Nixon


sarah said...

the crazy fur green jacket is fantasmic, dr. prada i presume? gah, if only...

enterrement vie de jeune fille Paris said...

Green???Maybe. I know green can be a bright color but how come green can be sexy,